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  1. I was thinking about adding the fog lamps to Ollie...one of the lenses is broken, and I've been trying to decide if replacing it or the whole fog light is more economical...since they were after market anyway, I don't have to "stick to the original"...any ideas? I looked at Iola last year for a replacement lens and the ones I found were like $70..but other booths had the whole shebang for $90 or $100.... It's supposed to snow again on Saturday here (welcome to friggin Wisconsin!) so I plan on doing a little reading!
  2. I got my shop manual today!! I am so excited! AND, for the first time this year it was 55 degrees outside!! woo hoo!!
  3. Do you have any idea what car it was off of? Or was it just an aftermarket thing? Any information would be helpful...
  4. Ok, I am working on a 194 buick Special, and I have a thread going on that already, but I'm throwing this line out there in case ANYONE can help me! My parts car has this hood emblem on it, and I know that it doesn't belong...I believe it to be from a 1947-48 Kaiser Frazer, but I can find VERY little literature on it, as far as value, rarity, etc... If anyone can help me I would GREATLY appreciate it!! Thanks a bunch!
  5. I think it is a Kaiser-Frazer...like a 1947 or 1948....i have no idea what it's worth or anthing...anyone who has any info please let me know! I only found ONE on the internet and it was sold in 2010...and the site doesn't say how much it was sold for....I guess I still don't know what I have, if it's rare or run of the mill...but I guess if it was run of the mill I'd find more online about em...???
  6. Here's some more of my parts car...looks better on the outside than in!!!
  7. So my parts car has a hood ornament that looks like a buffalo head...I know its aftermarket but any idea what it's from? I'm going to try get pictures of it tonight...
  8. Yeah the inside is pretty roached...but the fenders/emblems/engine are all good!!!
  9. The pictures I posted are my parts car right after I pulled the seats out...I think a few animals called it home before I got it...
  10. So I ordered a shop manual yesterday. Cant wait for it to warm up so I can start really working on Ollie!
  11. I actually live 30 miles from Crivitz!! My husband goes there every Wednesday for work!
  12. Kaycee I have been to Iola many times! My aunt and uncle live not two miles from the grounds! I am in all of my glory walking around the booths and talking to all of the "oldies" who are familiar with straight 8's! I plan on going again this year! I did hear somewhere that there is going to be a big pre-war buick show somewhere in Wisconsin this year...even if it's in Minnesota or Illinois I would go if anyone knows where it's going to be!
  13. Hey now, you can't have a '39 vs'40 cricket match when I'm stuck in Wisconsin with no means to get to New Zealand...If I had a way to get there, I would be there in a heartbeat though! And I may even learn how to play cricket! Unless you guys wanna meet up in Wisconsin!
  14. I think I did it....I think I did it.....OH YEAH! Team '40!
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