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  1. Interested in Potter Low Boy Trunk, Will offer $1,000 plus shipping. Please reply to
  2. Phil: I am a member of VCCA, and I checked with their registry and found that there are 50 1931 Chevrolet Cabriolets registered with members and based on other research have identified approximately 150 Total inexistence. I am estimating that there may be as many as 200 in existence. I plan to contact DMV's for all 50 states to see if they can identify by year and model the number of vehicles licensed in their state. As far as a CCA not having a database of The year make and model of cars on by their members, this is something that could easily be obtained during the next registration or renewal cycle. The data obtained could easily be downloaded to a database or an Excel spreadsheet, and then when there are inquiries you could tabulate the number of cars by year make and model without releasing any Confidential information of the members. If you would like to discuss this further, or need assistance and doing this please contact me as I am a computer programmer. Regards, Perry A. Seaton
  3. To whom it may concern: I am attempting to determine the number of 1931 Chevrolet Independence Series AE Cabriolets are currently registered with AACA, along with the State of Residence. I am not requesting any other information. My goal is to combine the information I receive from you, the VCCA. and the Division of Motor Vehicle Departments in the USA so that I (along with other 31 Cabriolet owners) can have an approximate number of the surviving and operating vehicles of this year and class. If you have a database of members' vehicle information, the information I am requesting should be easily attainable. Records of the General Motors Chevrolet Division show that 23,077 of this model were manufactured in 1931. I believe that all of these cars were manufactured at the Oakland, CA plant. Upon completion of my research, I will share my results with both AACA and VCCA Thank you --Perry A. Seaton, AACA Member # 006284.