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  1. Wanted: 1934 Plymouth PF Hood Ornament Driver Quality but not broken or really bad pitting. MK Randall email: 406-837-3117
  2. For Sale: 1933 DeSoto 3-window coupe reproduction passenger door window molding. This is #2 of 2. No others will likely be produced. Photos available on request. Molding may need some minor fitting depending on your door frame/application. This is a one year only DeSoto offering. Contact me if you need this item. MK Randall 406-837-3117
  3. This reproduction passenger door window garnish molding is #2 of 2. No others are known to exist, nor will others likely be made. The 1933 DeSoto garnish molding is a 1-year only production. These Coupe moldings are nearly impossible to find, original or reproduction. If you are seriously interested in this molding for your project, give me a call or send an email. I can provide photos and better description. MK Randall 406-837-3117 or email:
  4. I assume you are responding to my need for a 33-34 Dodge/Plymouth lower suicide door hinge. It will be the same for coupe and truck cabs. Not sure about sedan front door. Description: NEEDED: lower door hinge for a 33-34 Ply or Dodge? This is the part that bolts to the body, not to the door. Should be the same on coupe or front door of sedan. dimensions: Long leg with 3 holes = 3" 3 holes (somewhat oblong) 1 1/4" Center to Center Short leg including pin location = 2 1/4" Pin hole diameter = 1/4" Thickness = 3/16" I can use one or two. Photos attached, if I can get it to work. Contact me: PH: 406-837-3117
  5. Needed: 1933-34 Dodge Suicide Door Hinge (lower hinge or part attaching to the body.) 406-837-3117
  6. This has become rather confusing as the number of sizes and styles have increased. Plus I am looking for both 34 - 35 hubcaps by dodge and Plymouth. I agree we need to communicate via email with photos of front ant back. I don't have the actual measurements for the wire wheels but should in a few days plus a sample cap.(Plymouth) I have one cap (Plymouth) with 6 7/8 ID and 8 3/8 OD which is what will fit my 17" artillery wheels, which has the clips on the wheels. I need Dodge as well. MK Randall PH: 406-837-3117
  7. I should have said 8 3/8 OD, not 7 3/8. please contact me.
  8. Do you have any 35-35 Dodge hubcaps? 6 7/8 ID. 7 3/8 OD. Do you have any 34 Plymouth hubcaps for 16 inch wire wheels?
  9. Do you have any 35-36 Dodge hubcaps, the type that has clips on the wheel? 35 - 50s. 6 7/8 ID 7 3/8 OD. Do you have any 34-35 Plymouth hubcaps. M Randall 406-837-3117
  10. Wanted: 1932 - 1933 Chrysler or DeSoto Coupe Door Garnish Moldings Will also consider passenger side only. With or without ashtray. MK Randall 406-837-3117
  11. Are you expecting the entire vehicle in trade or are you wanting to trade 33 Dodge sedan delivery parts, eg door molding, for the 33 desoto molding. If you expect the entire vehicle we cannot deal. We do have 33-34 Dodge commercial delivery vehicle parts. (not humpback)
  12. Do you want the molding for the 33 Dodge? Likely have for a 33-34 commercial. Please contact via email or phone as noted in wanted ad or first reply.
  13. Contact me at With details on what you have and what you want for the 33 Sedan Delivery.
  14. Wanted: 29 DeSoto Rear Bumper Bracket with center mounted spare. Have the face bars, but not the mounting bracket. Needed to complete a multi-year restoration. PH 406-837-3117.
  15. Wanted: 33 DeSoto Coupe Passenger Door Molding to complete restoration. PH 406-837-3117.