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  1. I think this is a good one to make sticky in either location. I've resized photos quite a bit, generally to 450-800 pixels wide for REAL fast uploads & downloads. At that smaller size, to not lose the "goodie" that you're taking the picture of, I first crop the useless background, then resize. So though the picture is smaller, often times, the gizmo that is the intent of the picture is bigger. So if it's just a couple of photos of a detailed subject, I'd recommend crop then resize. If it's a whole bunch of photos (like at a car show or something), where you've already done a good job (
  2. You've probably done what you're going to do on this, but I went with the Juliano's belts in my '55. Similar reasons - I've got little kids and they do ride along. Here in Arizona, if it's a pre-1972 vehicle, child+seatbelt laws do not apply. You're free to do whatever you want. Might want to check if HI also exempts older cars. I found that child seats are not useful with just the lap belt. All the child seat does is lift them up, making them more able to lean out the windows, and there's more moving parts between the kid and the floor where the belts are attached. The child seat inten
  3. The wording on that cooler article isn't all that great. It's not a function of low humidity, but the dew point temperature that doesn't give a "cooling effect" but actually makes the air cooler. Those type of coolers (in larger size) are commonly found as whole-house cooling systems around here. The dew point temperature is the temperature that is felt where water is evaporating. Since dew point temperatures out here in the desert are often below freezing, that's why it feels so darned cold when you step out of a 95F swimming pool on a 110F day! As the water dries off, you're momentarily
  4. Anyone know what correct the finish is for the "blade" below the "bombsight" on the '51-'52 hood ornament? Or a close-up photo? Here's a photo I modified to show where I'm talking about...
  5. Awesome project, Robert. I've taken a couple of weeks to read through it all in anticipation of my '51 being delivered. As I've read through and seen it develop in much faster than real time, I think it would be really cool to not refinish the outside. As you said, part of the drama is walking up and looking under the hood and seeing how clean and renewed it all is. If it's redone on the outside, it becomes like a bunch of others - you don't know if it's that nice because it was never allowed to degrade very far or not. It would also be a shocker if you set up at the car shows as it is wi
  6. From the album: Buick

    East side of Springerville, AZ, 2013-07-04.
  7. From the album: Buick

    East side of Springerville, AZ, 2013-07-04.
  8. From the album: Buick

    East side of Springerville, AZ, 2013-07-04.
  9. From the album: Buick

    East side of Springerville, AZ, 2013-07-04.
  10. From the album: Buick

    On the East end of Springerville, AZ, 4 July 2013
  11. Body number is inside the driver's door frame, front side. I believe it's just above the hinge on a small plate that is riveted on. My car doesn't have the original engine, so I can't tell you where an engine number is. Good luck.
  12. Follow-on to being followed, today had the garage door open for a minute. Literally, a minute or less, just pulling up in the daily driver. An older gentleman appears in my driveway. Since I was getting out of the car, I didn't see him walk up, so it seemed he just appeared. He says, that's a nice '55 Buick, is it a Special? So far, most people are doing well to know it's a Buick, but nobody's pinned the year, much less the model. Anyway, he goes on to tell me about a '55 he had way back when - he had the 3-on-the-tree standard shift. He said he drove it from Nogales, AZ, to Vancouver
  13. Took a little spin around the neighborhood last night. Thursdays there's a pretty good cruise night (50+ cars in the 100+F heat, 3x that or more in the winter time) about 7 miles from here, but the family just wasn't up for that this week (105F around dinner time). Just cruising around the neighborhood, I was followed. Don't think the follower had any bad intentions, and after the 3rd or 4th intersection where I turned to avoid the main streets, he'd had enough and went back along his way. Ever get followed? Those ashtray pulls really brighten up the dash. Still on the list are the vent s
  14. Thanks, guys. I'll start another thread when it gets here and I can start to get into it. It's going to be a while, though.
  15. Writing a check before my wife realizes what's happened... BJM - I'll be in touch. There will be some shipping involved, but it's going to stay at Roy's for about another month before we'll both be in our respective towns at the same time to meet up with shippers...
  16. Lap belt only. From Julianos / seatbeltstore.com. The under-the-floor photo in the April 28th posting is the left side outboard attach point. Notice there's a little rib stamped into the floor - I put the attach point as close to that as I could. Same thing on the right side outboard point. The inboard points are as close to the driveshaft hump as I could get them and still be in the flat floor. On the right side, this was up against a little rubber drain plug. The left side, the drain plug was in a different place, so I cut the plug off to get the seatbelt point to be fairly well symme
  17. Roy, Sent you a PM. Found this thread after I was sure it was gone....
  18. Reading these forums has me motivated to go beyond just fixing the obvious, known things on the car (won't relay that list in this posting), but here's a couple of for-fun things I got done recently: Scrape ~5lbs of accumulation off each front suspension... Replacing the handles on the dashboard ash trays (find a source for parts, get the parts, determine what's usuable, PB blast, let it sit, disassemble, soak the screws in vinegar (1 hour, scrub with toothbrush, 1 more hour, 1 more scrub, rinse, dry overnight), disassemble the existing to transfer the parts to be used)... - The Before. - R
  19. Got them. Thanks for the parts! Anyone getting a headlight knob and it comes with the shaft, here's the deal: http://forums.aaca.org/f162/help-57-headlight-switch-removal-301420.html I figured there was an easy way to get this done, and I'm glad I took a minute to search the forum for how to do it right... A little cleaning and back on the road:
  20. Sent you a PM for a couple of things. Thanks!
  21. That would explain why it was so hard to see.:eek: Checking the shop manual, THAT explains that slop in '55 steering was a more expensive issue.
  22. The one from NAPA (NOE 6301012) certainly looks like the other one - exact same parts in the photo, photo taken from different angle. Would be nice if someone could verify. The NAPA site says their kit is for 1980-1989 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, but that may be all they know. When I get to this on my car, I may as well at least give NAPA a try - it's ~1/2 the cost of the other one, and no shipping...
  23. Todd, As to the hidden stereo - not sure if it would work for you, but since your car has the radio delete plate, I had seen somewhere that location used to hide the new stereo. Don't know if they used a hinge or if the delete plate is just held in with clips or something. My '55 already had the dash hacked for a new-ish stereo, and they had stuck a lighter in the former knob hole that was too far over to be covered by the new stereo. So I'm using the stock speaker location - as a speaker location. I think what's in there is a 4x7. I found it stuck by the speaker magnet way up under the d
  24. I just did this in my '55 a couple of weeks ago. I'll attach a link below in case there's something there that might help. I went with the Julianos, non-retracting. What I found is the below-the-floor points more or less defined themselves based on where the back-up plates would fit. Since I was retrofitting through an existing fairly recent carpet, I cut U-shaped holes in the carpet for the attach points rather than bolting the belts over the top of the carpet. To locate where to cut the carpet, I located the back-up plate below the floor, drilled a pilot hole for it with a 1/8" drill, to
  25. There is a national title search website. I went through this a couple of months back when I bought my car - since I bought over the internet, I wanted some independent evidence that the car wouldn't come up as stolen when I took the old title to the DMV. Start at www.vehiclehistory.gov. Though it's a government database, it links out to commercial "title report" suppliers (who I guess just compile the database info into a nice report for a fee). The one I went with only charged about $3. So whichever car you are interested in, get the VIN (even old ones that aren't the current number of
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