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  1. There is a national title search website. I went through this a couple of months back when I bought my car - since I bought over the internet, I wanted some independent evidence that the car wouldn't come up as stolen when I took the old title to the DMV. Start at Though it's a government database, it links out to commercial "title report" suppliers (who I guess just compile the database info into a nice report for a fee). The one I went with only charged about $3. So whichever car you are interested in, get the VIN (even old ones that aren't the current number of digits) and get a report - that will tell you the state last/currently titled in. I don't recall if it also has the name/address of who it's titled to, but it at least indicates if it was a salvage title or reported stolen.
  2. I just changed out the brake light switch on my '55 day before yesterday. Yes, it's pretty easy to access from above. The shop light sat real nice on the exhaust manifold, and I could get to the brake line junction from both sides of the steering column.
  3. From the album: Buick

  4. From the album: Buick

    Tucson - Freddy's cruise night, 2 May 2013.
  5. While it was up on the lift, got some more photos from down below... Bump stop was gone on this corner only. I know, that's not the back of a Buick engine... Next photo - that's what's left of the column shift. Below and behind that (to the left in the photo) - is that the parking brake?
  6. Anyone ID this rear end? The previous owner said it was a '63 Riviera. Mechanic doing the transmission said it's Ford 9 inch.
  7. Got 1 of the fronts in. Found that though I might think I know where I want the belts to attach, the points more or less define themselves by what's under the floor.
  8. Rear seat belts. Turned out pretty much like I wanted. Have the fronts - not in yet.
  9. Yes, it will be a while before there's any serious changes like an engine. I've had some light fix-up hobby cars before, but this gives me a whole new appreciation and respect for those frame-off complete restorations - especially the did-it-yourself jobs. Oh - and tons more respect for anything that makes it to cruise night under its own power... Even though this car was a "driver" since I got it I have already... -ordered shop manual on CD -removed funky plastic/chrome screw head covers from all over the interior -removed a collection of red lights from under the dash - interesting effect, but not my style -changed up the under-dash gauge mount bracket (if they'd have done it this way, would have saved 4 extra holes in the speaker grille and used the existing fasteners) -made a front speaker mount bracket and moved speaker from way up under the dash -safety wired the unconnected parking brake cable to keep it from bouncing off the ground (rear axle isn't stock, so parking brake isn't connected) -fixed gas tank strap that was falling off -replaced reverse light lenses (it had red lenses cut down from a larger circular lens) -removed extra wiring under rear bumper (possibly more little red lights - didn't look like for a trailer) -replaced radiator cap -cleaned steering wheel -made a battery hold-down bracket (battery was just sitting on the tray) -attempted fix on LH mirror - the glass is all floppy on the arm - these little hotrod mirrors don't cost all that much anyway -replaced the shift knob (the one it came with was held on by - gravity) -figured out how to pull out the back seat -dug out the existing seat belts. determined they're probably not all that safe - single bolt for each set; 2 fronts - 1 rear. -I need at least 4 sets of seat belts, so installed some new ones from Juliano's ( -set radio presets (determined radio is functional, even if the speakers are hooked up all wrong) -checked rear suspension with non-stock rear axle at least looks kinda safe. found rear is lowered w/ u-bolts on the springs -added gas to confirm - gas gauge works -got a jack -tracked down the special socket for the lug nuts (it was not with the car - found a tire shop that had one) -tire shop showed me the date code on the tires - many year-old tires not safe. ordered tires. -and I have a list about 4x longer than the above of more stuff that needs doing. Oh - and I don't really know yet if the engine & trans are any good or if they're just hanging together. The trans is pretty drippy, so that's next after the tires... I figured it would give me something to do, and look good while getting it done...
  10. 350 Chevy with T350 trans from an early 70's van. Reading the forums on here has already given me the bad idea that I need to look for a 455... Lived most of its life around Chattanooga, TN, was transferred from the original buyer to a relative after 30-40 years, then sold to a guy SE of Cincinnati in Kentucky in 2002 or so. I think he did most of the customization. He sold it to a "flipper" guy who I bought it from. The flipper had it for about 2 months and just shipped it from KY to near Rockford, Il.
  11. Got this delivered about a month ago. Took a couple more weeks to get the paperwork in order, but it worked out. Will be a bunch of fixes and improvements, but the idea was to have something to drive. Not for the purist, but someday I hope to have Buick power back on board...