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  1. bbbbbb9, sorry to take so long to return, I'm having problems finding someone to work on the fluid drive. I had a guy but he's hedging away!! If I can't get it fixed then I need to do something. I was told a 2004R would hook up nicely with an adapter and I might have to go that route. This car was restored a few years back so the cosmetics are still very nice but if its leaking all over the place I'm not happy!! I have 2 guys to talk to on Monday about the fluid drive, we'll see!! thanx Doc
  2. Has anyone swapped out their fluid drive tranny/cuplar/clutch system for an automatic tranny?? I'm curious to know what tranny could be mounted to the L-Head 230 6 cylinder engine! I have a 49 Dodge Wayfarer (buss. coupe) that I'm getting ready to overhaul that tranny set up along with the steering gearbox and was wondering if theres a Chryl. Corp. automatic that would work well on my car!! Any experience with this type of project??? thanx Doc.
  3. Trying to find out where I can buy/find the correct sized grommets that attach the interior wiper transmission arms to the linkage of the wiper motor! The grommets are missing on my car so I have nothing to compare to others. 1949 Dodge Wayfarer coupe'! I appreciate the help I'm try to google and check other sites but I think I'm wording my search incorrectly. HELP! :confused: Doc
  4. OK I appreciate the opinions. I'm going to go with 3 if it needs topping off. This car was restored however it was cosmetic and plenty of the mechanics were left alone. Some good some bad!!! Wouldn't it be nice of there was a different tint to the fluid options so we'd know what the hell is in a car we have no history on? To easy!!! HA! Doc
  5. Hello all, getting ready to check all fluids on a 49 Dodge coupe my only question on all the fluids is the brake fluid. Obviously the "moPar " fluid used isn't around anymore so my best guess would be DOT 3 or 4. I will look to make sure the fluid in the car looks to be healthy and not compromised if it is I'll dump whats in it!! Does anyone have a brand name or weither synthetics is good or bad for the system. Having a tuff time getting info on the net on this subject, thanx Doc
  6. I'm there.....................thanx!!!:cool: Doc.
  7. Thanx Fritz, yesterday the motor checked out fine! Its missing the grommets at the end of the arm that ties everything together. The arms are tied off by a plastic tie to secure them. If you know what size the grommets need to be that would be great! I think the arm needs to come off to attach them so I can size it up at the hardware store. I'm not doing the work myself because I have restrictions physically so my friend who was a certified mechanic is helping. Thats why my questions and answers are second hand and my typing is semi nutz!!! Doc
  8. Does anyone know of a company that makes an electric wiper motor to substitute for a vac system? The stock 6 volt on my 1949 Dodge Wayfarer will remain active. Any help will be appreciated. Doc.
  9. Looking for a headlight knob, that would complete the dash resto!!! (I'll settle for any decent clean chrome knob from the era, don't tell anyone but I'm sick of looking for this damn knob) shhhhhhhhhhh!!!
  10. hello all, long time Mopar owner however first time 6V all stock 1949 year, Wayfarer model! I just got the car and as I'm changing out all fluids I run into a Thermostat that the current NAPA parts has conflict with. The exsisting old and beat up one is listed as the "wrong part" however the newer part doesn't look right sitting in the housing. (part DV 3 is the old) Does anyone have any familarality with these parts? Its seems the part I removed positions itself better than the new that looks very universal (like a slant 6)!!! Looked them up on ebay to shed some light and some auctions sat the DV 3 is wrong only for the Wayfarer models and others say its OK!!! HELP!!!!!! hahaha!!! first day working on it and choices are in front of me!!!! I'll post some pics soon, the car was a total restoration a few years back and still looks nice. Been sitting for about 15 months! thanx Doc.