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  1. I have decided that when i get an antique car, i will not cut it up to turn into a truck. I will probably just tie a matress to the top, and some spares on the back. call it a dust bowl car. that way, if i want to take off the modifications i just undo some rope. however, if anybody has photos of cars that look similer to dust bowl refugees, feel free to post them. always like to draw cars of that era (I am an artist). moderators, please do not close this thread, even though the question has been answerd, i would like to keep this up, so if anyone has pics or historical info of modification m
  2. Thanks for the thoughts, but I was not planning on starting from the ground up. nor, was I looking to cut up a "good" car. I was wanting to use a car that was just barely compleat, and would not take a lot to get to run. (if it ran decent already i would take it though) just somthing with rust on the body, a non excelent interior. just a little more compleat that a project car.
  3. I do a western theater union impression. I would like to do confederate too, but mom won't let me.
  4. Thank you for the kind words, and yes kids that like and admire history are few and far between. I am actually a civil war reenactor myself, but I have always had a place in my heart for all major times in american history. However, you seem to miss my point. I am looking to take a sedan, chop the back off of it, AND TURN IT INTO A TRUCK. If you remember, in the grapes of wrath, it said they cut the back off of a hudson SEDAN with a cold chisle. And yes, I think I am up to the challange. I helped my dad with his 54 chevy hotrod for the longest time, and I have two uncles that should have bee
  5. Even though I am only 17, I have always wanted to build a car like the Hudson of the grapes of wrath, or the Olds of the beverly hillbillies, or any other car/truck of the sort. Now that I am getting closer to the age where it is possable, I was wondering If anybody has plans, or tips/tricks, photos, referances, links to websites... ANYTHING, that would help. I want to do it to a car, not as common or stereotypical as the model T or A ford ( great cars though). I was thinking of somthing that would stand out a little. I am not going to do it to a rare and valuble olds, but somthing like a Huds
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