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  1. Thanks for the info on the Yahoo site file, Ghosty! I downloaded it so I can reference it. I just bought a 1990 Yellow/Black/Black TC with 43,000 miles. It sat in its owners garage since 1999, which is why it probably did not make the list. It's like a new car! So, just to let folks know, the nice one-owner cars are still out there! So, keep your eyes open!
  2. Floor mats acquired! Thank you all so much for your help! Especially, Gary. It's a really nice set!
  3. Hi there! I just purchased a slave CD player for my TC. Does anyone have the cable that connects from the stereo to the CD player? It is the 9-pin connector with male ends on both sides. Thanks, in advance! Tom
  4. Wow, Digger! What a great way to easily maintain the speedo gear! I can now pull the dash with confidence, thanks to you! Great, easy-to-use guide! Thank you! Tom
  5. Thanks for the note, Gary! Just sent you an email! Nice to meet someone else that knows Conroe! Giving you my best, Tom
  6. I would be interested also, if it's in decent shape. Thanks, TC
  7. Hello TC Fans! I just acquired a low mileage Yellow TC with a black interior. Does anyone have the black floor mats for it? Please let me know. Currently I have standard Chrysler floor mats that look exceptionally well, but it would be nice to the have the originals for when I show it. Thanks, in advance, for all of your help! Giving you my best, TC
  8. Hi Sue! I have one in storage. It's in very good condition. I want $75 for it. Let me know if this interested you. Giving you my best, TC
  9. The only thing remotely close to TC Luggage has been the very nice cloth goody bags that Karleen has given club members over the years. I love mine! Tom
  10. Hi Chuck! My '91 had similar symptoms when my MAP Sensor came unplugged from it's connector. I got a Code 14 and the Check Engine light came on. Like Hemi said, check the trouble codes. I used the ignition switch method (ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON) to get the codes, and then read the shop manual to translate. Here is also a link to a handy list of error codes and what they mean. Fault Codes - Mini-Mopar Resources . I hope this helps. Tom
  11. (faints).... (recovers) . Wow! This is going to be a great meet, Larry! I'm looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the gang! See you in Reno! Tom
  12. Hi Larry! Did I just see that you carry the baby strut for the spare compartment? I would love to order one as well. Are you going to Reno next week, also? If so, it'll be great to meet you! If not, it'll be nice to say hello on the phone! Tom
  13. That is very sad. So young at 63k. I'm hoping that members will be able to make good use of the parts remaining. Tom
  14. Wow, Ghosty! You really ARE the Ghost with the most! Very impressive! This is really great information! Thank you! Tom
  15. Ahhhh. Okay, Ghosty! Carpet Fuzzies. I know what you're talking about now! My '86 Town and Country had those. Thanks! And again, great work!
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