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  1. Guys, Need some help, I have gotten all types of answers and I am looking to the experts for help! Will a 56 trans fit in a 55 depending on the series? I have been told it is a little longer which slides the rear wheels back and that the rear u-joint at the tailshaft has to be changed out with the one out of my 55 century. I believe the cooling line placements are different as well...... I have a chance to purchase a 56 tranny to replace the 55 tranny which was apart in the trunk, and definitely has problems after looking at it. Any help clearing this up would be appreciated... Thanks Shon Lubbock
  2. Thanks for the advice..... I bet I will have lots of opinions on every question I ask.....
  3. Hey guys I am new to the forum and just picked up a 1955 Century 4 door hard top. The nailhead is running good, but the transmission is missing so here is my question...... I have located a 56 dynaflow that was attached to a nailhead. Will it swap? I was told there may be a difference in the ATF cooling? Just wondering if it will work, I can get the 56 tranny for a good price. Thanks, Shon Elliott Lubbock, Texas