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  1. i changed the ecm today and car seems to runs fine but after driving down town the crt screen flashed the electric problem and the service engine popped on for about 10 seconds then went off , I checked and theres no codes in the system , I did change out that photocell with one recommended on here so im assuming since im not getting the b119 code that's solved but why am I still getting the warnings . I checked all my connections they all look good and are tight .
  2. coil pack and ignition module were replaced a year ago they still look new .
  3. ok I have a 1989 buick reatta , ive done a lot of stuff to car , new plugs,wires, ignition coil, module gas filter , kept up the maint, the car runs great when you first drive it, for at least 45 minutes then all the sudden it gets a real rough idle and the crt screen gives you an electrical problem and kicks the service engine light on, the only code I found was the b119 for the photocell , I replaced that ,but my mechanic is saying to change the ecu , might solve the problem , he didn't check it out , this was just from a phone conversation and he knows I have a spare ecu, I should also say the screen goes back to normal is about 10 seconds and the engine light goes off , any ideas , it just seems weird that the problem is not there all the time from the time you start car , he was also talking about ground but felt the problem would be there from the start if it was a ground, any ides , I also cleaced the iac , throttle body and the maf but to no effect , as stated car starts right up runs great and doesn't stall out/.
  4. 276-1657 is this look like the right number . this is the ones I found on radio shack web site .its a pack of 5
  5. ive already tried that and all the radio shacks around me do not have or they are closed down and the ones still open are saying they are not ordering that kind of stuff any more .
  6. I truly appreciate all the replys on this and although I don't agree that's ok because I asked for opinions, ive already got another reatta and its my next project .
  7. I have a 1989 reatta , ive tried a few different photocells with no luck , at first it was just occasional but now the error message kicks up on the screen about every 10 minutes , stays on for a minute or so then goes away , all the lights seem to work properly but I cant seem to get the error message to quit , after I changed the photocell it seemed good for a month or so now it is getting worse , any ideas , the photocell I put in there is different style than the original , any ideas appreciated .
  8. no bad feelings I do appreciate the responses , when I say a decent offer I mean well below 2000. and I don't think that's a fair price I might just keep it , if I really needed to sell it I could make well over 1000. just parting it out but it runs to good for that.
  9. thank you for all the responses , as far as underside goes its in great condition , car is from florida and not driven in winter , yes someone else had painted the interior black but I think it looks good although seats do need redone , if I were buying this car I know I would give more than 1000.00 it runs that good and has had plently put in it , for that price I would never sell it . if I were looking to buy this car I would easily give 2000.00 that's where im at , I do realize this car is far from original but im not claiming an original , as far as miles go its at 130,000 and around 1500 on the trans . as far as a project its only a project if someone wants to get it back to original , but thank you for all the responses .
  10. heres a few pics of car
  11. I have a 1989 buick reatta , ive put a new transmission in it , new rack and pinion ,new subframe bushings , new plugs ,wires and coil pack and control module , the car runs great and other than the cc don't work and the low side ac pressure switch needs replaced everything else works good on the car , its far from an original reatta as I did repaint the car a viper red , but the car looks good and runs great , the only reason im asking is I bought another car and I just like having my different projects to do and im ready to move on to something with a little more room. ive had this car 2 years and have fixed most of the problems including the lower intake . I put the car for sale and at what I feel is a great price but I cant get even a decent offer , why are these so hard to sell ?I also put the 16 way power seats in it and a new stereo system.here is a pic of the car , I also have the 4 original rims mounted on newer tires .
  12. i got inside finished fixing interior lights , well all but the shift indicator lights, put a subwoofer and amp in the trunk , plan for next week is to clear coat the car . ill say that since i replaced the trans , the rack and pinion and the subframe bushings and painted the car i sure enjoy driving it . just want to get it cleared , get the cc working and the ac and ill be super happy.
  13. Thanks for good words on paint job, it looks great , i still have to decide on the grill and im still planning on putting clear coat on it in a couple weeks . Currently working on the original rims , got them sanded down and looking pretty good , plan on clear coating , anyone have any ideas on the grill ?
  14. grill not painted , still decidinng on what to do with grill and emblems no but i did paint the side ones then removed paint from top of reatta script.
  15. I have never tackled a convertible top good luck. Thanks for all your advice in my post.
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