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  1. The person you need to contact would be Ivan Saxon. He is the most knowledgeable person I've talked with. He has numerous post here so you can send him a private message. Good luck, Bren
  2. I am probably the guy on E-bay with the over priced manual.....I posted that item with limited knowledge on value of item. Make me an offer......I have a 3'x5' lubrication chart/poster for the 434? model as well as Packard magazine ads circa 1900-20's.....rather sell to enthusiast than dealer. 508-56-3336...Central Ma. Cheers, Bren
  3. My grandfather was like a kid ripping out pages of his father's magazines all the car ads he could find. He also alphabetically listed over 1500 car/carriage manufacturers. He restored a couple of Mercers and was one of the original seven who started the SCCA, in 1944. I have photos as well, including the famous Duesenberg 16 valve "Walking Beam". ? I had no idea! Thought it was my grandfather's Mercer. The ads I have in color are....Mercer, Marmon, Pierce-Arrow, Willys-Knight Six, Lincoln, Chandler Six and Fiat. -last two a little dirty. B/W cover ads...Wills St. Claire, Packard. Medium to small B/W ads...Abbott-Detroit, American Bicycle Co., Atlas, Babcock Electric, Brush, Buffalo Electric, Cadillac, Chandler, Columbia Electric, Consolidated, Deere, Dodge Bros., Elect. Vehicle, Elmore, Everitt, Everybodys, Ford, Franklin, Graham- Paige, Haynes, Haynes-Apperson, Holsman, Hudson, Jackson, Jewell, Knox, Lincoln, Locomobile, Marmon, Maxwell; M.-Briscoe, Mercer, Mobile, National, Northern, Overland, Packard,Peerless, Pope-Hartford;-Toledo;-Waverly,Premier, Rambler,Rapid, Rauch& Lang, Riker, Royal, Stevens Duryea, Stoddard-Dayton, Studebaker, Templar, Victor, Waverly Electric, Wayne, White, Wills St. Claire, Willys-Knight;-Overland, Winton, Woods. These are just loose pages collected from 1899-1910. I have magazines-some good covers, some not or missing from 1890-1910-Cosmo, Putnams, Century, McClures. I find what you do is great. I thought I had an old iron-on decal photo sheet. Wanted to try and print a picture for fun, but I believe I threw it out long ago. Bren
  4. The best picture I have of a the factory still I think...Bren
  5. Les Taylor bought his Mercer from my grandfather and was wondering where she might be now? The last picture is from a negative. No other info..Bren
  6. From the publication Sportswagen Vol. 1 no.1 Dickinson, Everett M. Boston. Duesenberg J double cowl Phaeton; Duby, John F. Quincy, Ma. Blackhawk double cowl Phaeton, Lancia Lambda 5th. series Roadster, Kissel Speedster, Mercer series 5 Sporting. Engborg, Arnold H. Concord Ma. Stutz DV 32 Sports Tourer. Robertson, Theodore F. Boston. Mercer series 4 Raceabout. Schulz, George F. Boston. Isotta Fraschini type 8A Castagna Convertible Coupe, McFarlan Roadster, Mercer Series 5 Raceabout, Mercer Series 5 Sporting. Townsend, Robert E. Boston. Mercer Series 5 Raceabout. Wallour, Chapin Boston. Rolls Royce Phantom 1 Ascot Phaeton. First two persons to join that first month were...Fisher, Charles P. Boston. Bentley 3 Litre Red Label Vanden Plas Sports Tourer, Duesenberg a Fleetwood Sports Phaeton, Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Holbrook Roadster. And McKittrick, Archie M. Hingham Ma. Stutz S Bearcat. Verbatim from old newspaper article-source unknown,.......... Original 7 SCCA Members Tabbed All kinds of persons claim to have been among the original seven car buffs who met on Mt. Vernon St. Boston, on Saturday, 26 Feb., 1944 to found the Sports Club of America. Today the club boasts 19,000 members. Theodore Robertson was the first president and the other six were: Everett M. Dickenson, John F. Duby, Arnold H. Enborg, George F. Schultz(sic), Robert E. Townsend and Chapin Wallour. Ted Robertson, in a story in Sports Car, the SCCA official publication, points out that at the time a Stutz Bearcat could be bought for $50.
  7. I believe so...they were with my grandfather's SCCA publications.....
  8. Karl, I have a Mercer Owner's List 1954, 1957, 1959, and 1960....A SCCA member list with owners cars from 1947......And a copy of the original seven founding members of SCCA car ownership list.....
  9. My grandfather, George F. Schulz- original seven who started SCCA, from Ma./N.H. saved lots of correspondences; Vincent Galloni, O.S. Hatton, D. Cameron Peck, Herbert Royston, P.E. de Rochemont, sales reciepts to; Les Taylor-Mercer car/parts circa 1949, John Duby- Sporting, mot. no. 52265, Raceabout, mot. no. 5628, 6/21/45. Others include- Ted Robertson- good friend, H.M. Burrows, Ed Sturgis, Sonny Garganigo, N.W. Long @ Heald Machine Co., Schoonmaker and Glass- Referencing a1925 Mercer 6 cyl. Raceabout for sale,1925. I believe he owned- as I sift through, a 1922 Raceabout 4 cylinder engine no. 6242, Raceabout eng. no.6272 makers no. 16870, Touring eng. no. 5086, makers no. 5221, Touring eng. no. 4918, makers no. 4968. I don't have any recocrds of other cars he may have owned. If any of this is familiar or of interest....?
  10. Items are in central ma. set belonged to Geo. F. Schulz-one of the seven who started SCCA.(stated in newspaper article- included with book)....I have no idea what the worth is but the book was borrowed by Herbert Royston of Los Angeles, Ca for his restorations and Ted Robertson of Boston... includes,all invoices and correspondences with Mercer and Mercer garages as well as coresspondences with sellers and buyers of Mercers...a list of all owners and their cars circa 1950...My grandfather restored a 1922 Raceabout and a couple of touring cars...make me an offer...brendan
  11. mint condition still in envelope(opened)...covers Packard #'s 336-343. Copydate 1927... Also includes a 3'x5' Lubrication chart wall poster and full page ad of the new 1909 Packard Thirty from Country Life in America 1908...make an offer
  12. A greasy cover missing first page (copydate) and page 73/74. includes all Mercer invoices and corresspondance....blueprint of electrical system-has stains...many photos of grandfather's 1922 Raceabout.... He was original seven members who started SCCA...Almost complete set of sportwagen/sport car magazine from vol.1 no.1-1944 to 1952...has list of mercer car owners and the cars ID numbers from 1950...