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  1. How about photos of the brackets, or are you looking for exact measurements to reproduce them?
  2. We be campin' and stuff....Doheny Wood, last weekend, accommodations courtesy of Mtnwudy
  3. Thanks again Jeff, no third seat for you yet? I'll take the spare tire mount, and let you double what you paid.
  4. Groinky, or Jim, congrats on your purchase. I am also working on a 40 deluxe and am in need of some information about the second and third seat legs. Trying to figure out which legs go on which seat. Any help would be appreciated. Reach me here , Woodeneye or email at nel002@aol.com. Thanks, Dave.
  5. Does someone make the rubber insert for the gutters to cover the screws?
  6. Would like someone with an original or restored 40 woody to clear up some questions I have about seat legs for the second and third seats in my 40. The legs have 01A part numbers on them and the second or short seat has a factory metal tag on the springs, 01A also, so I believe they are 1940 parts. I assume the middle seat would use the short legs and the rear seat would use the longer. I'm guessing the rear seat would sit a bit higher than the second seat, as I said, i' guessing. If any one knows for sure I would greatly appreciate the insight. Jeff Yeagle sent me a snapshot of the front of t
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