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  1. 1961two door Austin Healey Sprite Convertible with Speedwell nose, purplewith floral pattern convertible top for sale. The engine is theoriginal 948 engine, with a manual 4 speed transmission, with drumbrakes. There are no rust issues and the side curtains come with thecar. The car has been in climate controlled storage for many years.This is a two owner car with 85,000 miles - VIN # AN54-0062. Car islocated in Butte, Montana; sold as is, clear title in hand. $5,500
  2. 1924Ford Model T two passenger Runabout with pickup body, serial#9121812. The car is a great piece of history – produced in January1924 according to the serial number. Very cool wheels with woodenspokes and original windshield. Missing one headlight and shown herewithout truck bed, however, truck bed is included in sale. The FordModel T was named the car of the century in 1999. Caris located in Butte, Montana; sold as is,clear title in hand. $8000
  3. 1955two door roadster, Engine # XPEG3593, Car # HDA46/9814with 83,749 miles. There were only 3400 TF1500's made in 1955 andthis was the last year the TF1500 was made. Thevery last MG TF1500 was made on April 4, 1955, and carried thechassis number HDE23/10100. Hence, this particular MG TF1500 for salewas part of the last 286 ever produced. Thisvehicle has been garage kept for 40 years and runs great (so fun todrive). Itcomes with a black convertible top and black side curtains.TheTF is the last of the traditional MG "midgets" withheadlights molded into the fenders, sloping radiator grille, andpressurized cooling system with simulated external radiator cap. Thiscar has good tires, carpet is in good shape, it's original leatherseats, and various original TF1500 handbooks and owners manuals. Alittle history: FollowingWWII, the first British sports car to capture American hearts was theMG TC. This popularity would prompt MG to build a model designedspecifically for the US in 1949: the MG TD was instantly a success.It was not long; however, before MG dreamed of competing with the newTriumph TR2 or Austin-Healey 100, hence the TF was born and unveiledin 1953. When introduced, the MG TF was powered by the same XPAG 1250cc engine that had driven the TD. A mere 3hp increase brought littleimprovement in performance, although 0-60mph times improved by nearlyfive seconds to 18.9 (which at the time was still quite slow).Salvation would come within a year, in the form of an additional250 cubic centimeters. The MG TF 1500 was fitted with a new XPEGengine based on the powerplant fitted in EX179, the MG that ran arecord-breaking 120mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the hands ofGeorge Eyston and Ken Miles. No doubt, the publicity helped MG TFsales and, with the exception of 1500 badges replacing the 1250, theold and new MG TFs were externally identical. $30,000
  4. 1946two door dump truck, K-3 (1 ton) series. This truck is located inButte, Montana and has a clear title in hand. Truck model #: HI15020,chasis #: K3-25401with 50,992 miles. TheK-3 series was produced from 1941 until 1947, and is knownfor aheavier frame, larger brakes, and rear axles supported by two rollerbearings on a free floating rear end. Shown here without bumper, butboth front and rear bumper come with this International. In greatshape, STARTS AND RUNS! $2100
  5. 1967 two door completely original Mercury Cougar, turquoise with white hard top. This car is located in Butte, Montana. This is a two owner car with 61,000miles and a 289/225 HP V-8 engine; VIN # 7F91C568361.Thecougar was just recently serviced and runs great! Clear title inhand. TheMercury Cougar was introduced in 1967 as the more upscale version ofthe Ford Mustang. It had more mature styling and upscale interiorappointments and rode on a three inch longer wheelbase than theMustang. Yet despite its greater emphasis on luxury than performance,the Mercury Cougar still managed to make its mark on the Americanstreet scene. [*=left] 2 Door Coupe body type [*=left] 190.3 inches long [*=left] 71.2 inches wide [*=left] 51.8 inches tall [*=left] wheelbase of 111.3 inches [*=left] The front tread is 58.1 inches and the rear tread is 58.1 inches [*=left] Completely original and immaculate turquoise leather interior [*=left] The 289 small block engine produces 282 ft.-lbs. of torque at 2,400 rpm and 200 horsepower at 4,400 rpm. [*=left] The Cougar came equipped with a fully synchronized automatic transmission. The transmission features three forward gears on one reverse gear. The ratio of the first gear is 2.99:1. The ratio of the second gear is 1.75:1. The ratio of the third gear is 1:1 and the ratio of the reverse gear is 3.17:1. [*=left] The 1967 Cougar was equipped with hydraulic self-adjusting drum brakes and a single cable-operated mechanical parking brake. Each drum is 10 inches wide. [*=left] The Cougar's fuel tank holds a total of 17 gallons and the transmission holds 3.5 pints of transmission fluid. The cooling system contains 15 quarts of antifreeze and the rear differential contains 4 pints of axle fluid. $13,000