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  1. Although I'm going the custom route with the Caddy bushings, I'll be happy to support this in any way.
  2. After more scouring, Autozone sells the Rare Car part #15096 piece @ $52.49 ea. and ProSteer Part# FB669 (from RockinRiviDad's original post on the subject) is @ $28.49 ea. Raybestos is no longer available and neither is Dorman. This might be what we have left as I think I scooped up the last Centric pieces.
  3. I'm in the process of gathering goodies to custom make my own rear control arm bushings but pickins are coming up slim. Rock Auto no longer has anything in stock, I found a pair of Centric Caddy bushings through Amazon and none of the locals seem to have anything. Cross referenced all the part numbers form the various posts from RockinRiviDad, JRRivi64 etc. I really don't want to shell out a heap of cash if I don't have to. Thoughts?
  4. Hey thanks guys!! I really appreciate it!!
  5. Say gentlemen. I know this has been asked before and searching actually created more questions! In all of her greatness, my fiance bought me a set of wheels for my Riviera. However, she just ordered them without me doing any research. No matter, she is amazing!! My questions is the fitment: The specs are here: 18x8.5 10mm: +offset 5.15": back spacing Hub Bore: 83mm Now, I know that the hub size is a little small and I can get that machined larger to fit. My question is the backspacing. I've read a lot about 1/4" spacers and longer threads, which is no biggie. I've also seen that switching to '65 hubs would help in the front. Can I get a little clarity here? Thanks!!!
  6. Just picked up my first Riviera this weekend. '64 with 425. She is a running project but needs some TLC.
  7. Hello everyone. Hadn't posted in years as I had previously attempted to help my uncle purchase a '65 Riviera back in '13. But finally I was able to get my hands on my very own '64 Riviera this weekend! As this is my first foray into the golden age of vehicles, I definitely have lots to learn and look forward to speaking with all of your gurus!!
  8. Thankfully no. I'm part of a Dodge Forum and I had one of my local members go and check it out for us. The car is in horrible condition. Passenger side floor board is nearly rusted through, the paint is appalling, headlights dont' work. The compression test on the motor didn't yield any issues, but it is in need of a severe tuneup as my mechanic member mentioned. It would be good for a restoration obviously, but the 95% complete is utterly false. So, back to the drawing board. Thanks so much everyone for all the help and info. We'll see what we can find.
  9. Ed, Thanks so much for the reply. This has actually been MY dream car for quiet some time, so to see a family member pick one up is just as good. I've already started reseaching parts and what not as it is stated in the auction that there are a few items missing. I'll also pass on to my uncle the rivowners.org website as well. I do know that he is looking to add some aftermarket wheels, nothing too crazy but I do believe he will be leaving the rest of the car alone. Thanks so much for the quick replies everyone! Mike
  10. Bernie, That is it sir! My uncle called me this morning to tell me that he had indeed won the auction...and then he was asked..."what do I do now?"
  11. Hey everyone. Just thought I would drop a line to introduce myself. My name is Mike and my uncle just purchased a 1965 Buick Riviera. The car is located in the Seattle Washington area and he will be transporting it down to TX. I'm going to be helping him with restoration and what not. The big obstacle is that he purchased it on Ebay. The car from the pictures looks to be in great shape but I am a little weary. Not sure if there are any Riviera owners in the Lakewood area of Seattle, but seeing as it is extremely difficult to gauge the condition of the car through phone calls and photos, would there be anybody that would be willing to take a look at it for us? We would definitely compensate you for your time. The car is going to be put on a Western Auto Transport, so we are not worried about it making a long haul trip. Just want to gauge any potential problems. I'll post up some pictures as soon as I get them. Thanks so much for your time guys and look forward to some great info and conversations! Mike R.
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