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  1. Hi ken just reread your post, I have the 2.2l motor, never mind thanks
  2. I’m looking for engine harnesses, particularly the one by the fuel rail and more. Let me know if you got that, and looking for other engine stuff
  3. If only my kids were grown up and I can purchase this stallion
  4. I got the heater core in and let me tell everyone wait a pain to do. Pray your heater core never goes out
  5. I accidentally pulled off one of the vacuum lines that go into to the engine, the gray line. It's the two vacuum lines where the heater core is at. One is gray and one is black. Can anyone see where the gray line is connected to or the vacinity of it inside the engine? Thanks in advance
  6. Yes, finally figured it out. Wasn't in the service manual those 4 screws Thanks Hemi. Hey, I'm gonna send you something in the mail for the help on my head gasket. Sometime later this week when I finish up with this project. Have a great Memorial Day
  7. Anyone knows why I can't get this to come foward? I disconnected the heater hoses and the a/c lines and a bracket in front of the box and it still feels something is still screwed down. Trying to change out the heater core. Thanks in advance
  8. I had the same issue and then i changed my fuel filter and the problems went away. Hopefully this easy fix can solve your problems.
  9. Congrats. Glad you picked this up.
  10. i need to change my timing belt and the camshaft is giving me a hard time. as i spin the 15mm bolt to loosen it, i cant get it to stay in place. any suggestions, maybe sticking a punch down in one of the camshaft wheel holes and propping it somehow to help it not to spin? any suggestions welcomed. thanks
  11. gonna email him if the car doesnt sell and if he's gonna part it off
  12. i knew it was too good to be true
  13. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati | eBay check out that interior, looks mint
  14. for real? its been years since i saw the movie jumanji. cheesy special effects