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  1. Dear Garry,. Many thanks for the lead provided to contact ... Frank Lyle in Colorado Springs. Is so nice to have people like you and many others in the States .. myself being on an island 10,000 miles away !! Most of my spare parts reserch is to help other people in our local clubs. Will send Frank an e-mail right now. Keep well .. Christopher Island of Cyprus Near Greece.
  2. Thanks Rob ! I am glad you likle the photos. Lots of people on our Island see me driving Model Ts every day around town and they think I can help them with any type of spare parts !! Which is notm true but I always try !! .. and I never charge as this is a hobby and a pleasure for me .. you know what I mean !! My thanks to you all nice guys who so kindly try to help .. I have many wonderful friends in the STATES .. just added your name too ! Will try the advise from Gary for Frank Lyle in Colorado Springs .. and many thanks to you Gary ! Kind Regards, Christopher
  3. Rob I am trying to attach the photos of the our 1957 buick .. last time I was not succesful. Have tried a few times to attach .. but no lack .. pls sent me your private e-mail so I can attach there. Rgds, Christopher 247incyprus@gmail.com
  4. Bob hi ahain ! Pls sent me a message on my private e-mail 247incyprus@gmail.com I have a littkle sory to sent you about what we do here ... we have created a little America 12,000 miles away on a small island near Greece. I have difficulties attaching files on the forum system. I could also try to skype with you or if you have an iphone we can talk free. Many thanks for your efforts to help us ! God Bless. Christopher
  5. Bob, Many thanks .. please see if you can recover your gearbox .. my friend Polys will be very happy as he has the car ready minus the gearbox ! Assuming that you have success .. can you put me in touch with a local shipper that I can negotiate directly packing and shipping ? Looking forward to you answer. Rgds, Christopher - Island of Cyprus PS. I have tried to attach an article + photos of who I am and what I do but could not do it !
  6. Rob, Many - many thanks for your kind reply about your gearbox and I do appologise for the delay in coming back to you. Spoke to the local person I am trying to help here in Cyprus .. he is interested to buy at your price of 200 dollars. He has asked me to find him a solution for the shipping. So I was thinking .. Is there a shipping company near you to drop the gearbox as is, after we pay you ? If yes perhaps I can check with them myself if the can do the packing before shiopping to Cyprus. Could you advise on this Rob please as is an important point ? Military will not ship anything from a
  7. Dear Sir, <o:p> </o:p> I am writing to you from the island of Cyprus Near Greece. <o:p> </o:p> I am trying to help a friend who has a 1957 Buick Roadmaster chassis no. 7d4002778 .. see photos ... have tried without success !! He needs a complete dynaflow gearbox. <o:p> </o:p> I would very much appreciate your help or point me to the right direction. <o:p> </o:p> Kind regards, Christopher
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