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  1. The speedometer is missing, I need a replacement. Jim
  2. Need two tail light lenses and a speedometer. Can you give me any leads. Thanks! Jim Ames Traverse City, MI
  3. I am having somebody "gettin it running" and sent the pump out to be rebuilt...I have a call into him....do you know of a company that refurbishes them that I can send it out too?
  4. Just found out my water pump is not re-buildable....does anyone know where I can get a replacement?
  5. Do you know how I would go about identifying the rims I have? I see you have a 31 dodge, could you tell me the I.D. of the hubcap opening is, is it 5-5/8"? Perhaps I have a set of wire rims? Would you be opposed to a phone conversation?
  6. All of the 1928 Dodge pics I have appear to have smaller hubs, apparently the 1929 hub opening should be 4-1/2 inches and mine are 5-5/8"....this car should have 1929 rims on the car because there weren't anymore 1928 wire rims left in production. My car shipped here from Argentina, is a touring car, is right hand drive by production, and apparently there are only three known in the U.S. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Help!! I have a 28 victory 6 touring and I believe I have the incorrect wire rims on this car. The rim is 19" with a hole pattern of 5-1/2" and hubcap opening of 5-5/8". Could somebody help identify this rim. And...does anyone know where I can get (5) wire rims and hubcaps for this car? Thanks
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