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  1. Sounds great, would you be able to phone me when suitable 07 5735432 Roger
  2. Thanks Max. I suspect most cranks are broken due to misaligned bearings and the flywheel at the front does not help either. Roger Hill, New Zealand
  3. Hi Karl, Would certainly appreciate that, whilst the crank is not broken at this stage I feel that is not far away as it had developed a distinct wobble and has 0.250 plus run out.I would not like to run it like this for fear of damaging other parts when it finally lets go. Roger
  4. hillslee


    Hi there, can someone please help? I have a badly cracked crank in my 1910 Hup 20B Can anyone help with a source of having a new one made?
  5. hillslee


    Hi there, Can someone please help me find a maker of new crankshaft. I have a badly cracked crank for my 1910 Hupmobile 20b and would like to have a new one made.
  6. Veteran two cylinder Buick four seated. Need a tidy good runner. Prefer west coast area .Roger Hill. Hillslee@eol.co.nz.
  7. Hi Karl, Look forward to catching up in Dunedin, we will be taking both the Hup. And the Darracq. Both will do the trip on trailers. The tours we have done here are over a long weekend and cover around 100 moles a day with several other Veterans. All good. Roger
  8. Hi all, As a New Zealander I am at a loss to just what you refer to as a Tour. My Hup 20m has been on several tours locally which we have enjoyed covering from 80 to 150 miles a day. We would consider greater distances. The car travels well averaging between 35 &40 mph. Yes uphill & downhill can be challenging but is part of the adventure . Regarding tours we have just completed a tour in Australia from Adelaide to Darwin a distance of approx 4500 KLM. Over 23 days 53 cars completed the tour mostly one & two cylinder cars. We were part of a team driving a 1909 2 cylinder Darracq. We made the distance with one puncture. Regards Roger
  9. Thanks Phil, I have to admit I didn't read the full thread. Some very good information, however, how do I remove the Sleeve for the bearings? How do you retain the seals and bearings in the axle tubes? Any thoughts on reclaiming the hubs to suit tapered axles? Roger
  10. Hi all, would anyone have experience at rebuilding the rear axle bearings as my car has worn axles which allows movement in the roller bearings and the seals (felt) allow oil to leak into the brakes. The ends of the axels are parallel and also worn, allowing considerable wheel wobble. I am looking at making up new axles with taper ends and using ball races and modern seals. This involves considerable work but would make the car better to drive and having dry brakes would have to be a big plus. any ideas would be appreciated. Roger
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