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  1. few more points to mention: -Clean title -year is 1989 -brand new tires -new front axle -new brakes -new alternator/battery
  2. I have a Red TC for sale, needs an engine replacement, back tail light, and a little leather on the center console. Besides that. This TC is in beautiful condition. I am only the second owner, and I cannot afford to replace the engine. I put it on craigslist for a while, but I was recieving responses like "Man, I'd love to throw some sick 22s on it and tint it out and put hydraulics in it." I would really prefer if someone were to restore it back to its former beauty who has the monetary means to do so, and I thought this would be a good place to advertise it! Either way, I reside in Sarasota, Florida. Call me at 540-462-7167 for more information/pictures. If you do decide to buy it, you'd have to take care of the shipping. Have a great day. -Kenneth Asking $1500 come at me with offers.
  3. I will add a picture as soon as I can!
  4. Close to pristine 89 TC by Maserati. -Red with brown leather interior. Custom made in Modena, Italia. -Brand new Battery, Alternator, front axle, brakes and tires. Close to 3k invested. (All receipts on hand) -49,XXX miles -Never any engine trouble. Drove it to Miami and back in one day with no problems whatsoever. -Removable Hard-top -Only down point is the driver side rear tail light is not present. The light works, but the cover is broken. and the leather in the center console is torn. But.. -Repair of all flaws is contingent upon a full offer. -Comes with an array of different cassette tapes from the original owner! I'll also throw in a cassette to iPod device. The only reason I'm selling this car is because I'm a college student with more important things to spend (and save) my money on. This car is a joy to drive, don't take my word for it, but I believe it gets around 200 HP, it has a turbocharged V6 engine. Feels amazing to lay your foot hard down on the gas. It's a shame to sell this car, so my offer is negotiable, but mostly firm. I bought the car for 9k a little over a year ago. I am the second owner. I literally have people come up to me all the time and tell me how much they like it, and how rare and collectible it is. Email me for pictures! Call/Text/email me at 540-462-7167 or