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  1. Thanks for the input. My '56 is lowered 3" and has a JAG IRS with posi. The rear is firmly planted, but I sense a slight roll up front and want to stiffen that up. A bar from Sweden is great, but shipping to the lower 48 makes it REAL pricey and with the BS tariffs, who knows?
  2. Does anyone know of anyone making heavy duty front sway bars to replace the worthless factory stock one for 56 Special, Century. There was some discussion back in 2010, but Mr. Dole (The person named) is no longer involved in that area. I vaguely remember someone was making and selling a heavy duty 1" version roughly five years ago, and obviously, I've forgotten who, what, where and when. Thanks
  3. I do have a question. Are there more screws/bolts to deal with after removing the inner cover? Thanks.
  4. John, do I need to remove the heater/defroster inner housing with the ducts in order to the bolts holding the core housing? Thanks.
  5. I actually had the pumpkin and C-10 trailing arm set up, was ready to install, but after talking with my friend in Amboy...this became the way to go for me.
  6. A friend down in Amboy, WA ( I live in Union at south end of Hood Canal) had put one in his 56 Convertible. He also put a Jag front end in his, but time and money was against me, so we put a rearend in my 56. The reason was mainly..having four tires always planted on the road. As you can see, it also has rear inboard discs. Later versions have outboard discs, but I like the look of the inboards.This particular set up has factory posi and Dana gears. And, it comes in its own cradle. JAG XJS rearends from around 1976-1993 are very popular and if you do some research, you'll see that they gen
  7. You can go with putting 61/62 3rd member in and the go with Early Chev C-10 trailing arms. They go on axle housing with U bolts. If you get the C-10 cross member, remove the C-10 arm hook ups, weld them to an angle steel crossmember and you are good to go, except you'll want to hook up a modern 700R4 or 2004R. The adaptor runs about $700 which is considerably more than C-10 arms and a big Buick pumpkin. I'm running a complete Jaguar XJS independent rear suspension in my 56. It's light years ahead of the solid axle for handling and affordable. Both Buicks pictured( Mine is the hdtp) have the
  8. Thanks for the info. At the same time I was seeing your reply, a friend suggested a Chevy 605, which I've seen also listed as 605-500. I don't know if they're the same. Again, thanks for the info.
  9. Hello. Does anyone know of an alternative steering gear box for the '56. There are a cazillion of them out there and I would think that one of them has been used successfully in place of the 900 lb stock steering box. Thanks. ghaskett@hctc.com
  10. Has anyone hooked up a 700R4 to the 322 nailhead? Interested in your take on it. I have all parts for converting to open drive line, but interested in what's ahead for me on this project. Thanks.
  11. What after market brand did you use for the heater core? Thanks,
  12. Is there a fool proof and easy way to replace the heater core on a 56 Special. Thanks.
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