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  1. I’m driving what is this referring to oh I see fender skirts. Call me 402 475 9968
  2. Ok good to know. What about that 3rd one. The long one with chrome?
  3. yeah I know but I'm just happy to hear your knowledge all ready, I figured Id be selling them for wall art at best, or as one big lot to someone that loves dealing with skirts so this sight seemed to be a good start. thanks already! if I get time I can do more detailed pics.
  4. I’d like to have someone help ID all these skirts, most are singles a few pairs, (I have a few more not pictured), or buy them as one complete lot? Or if anyone has any other ideas? I’m thinking this might be a good place to put them let me know if any interest? I have a restoration shop in Lincoln, Nebraska. 402 474 2344. Thanks
  5. Hi I need a few parts if you want to part out if you still have them? need a hood r.door grill and other misc. call me 402 474 2344 Doug in Nebraska
  6. I saved a cute little 1960 4dr Corvair from the crusher a few years back now I'm tired of storing it. so it has to go or I'll part in out, I have not had it running but eng does turn over, This is all original with 66 k miles on it not to rusty some dents rear door glass broken out. It would be a great one to restore or just get up and running and use as a daily driver and keep the great looking patina. Maybe even sale the drive gear and swap in a late model fwd unit from a Colbalt???? call for more info 402 474 2344 doug
  7. The Roller Hoop is designed to work as a piece of equipment that you might choose to help you restore your one special car or a whole collection? When people see it in action it does dazzle them a bit, they like to check it out and watch it roll on the base units and all that! They usually disappear quickly once you mention to them grab a wire brush and a scraper and get busy! Most the Roller Hoops have gone to hobbyist guys that are working in their back yard shops or? a few professional restoration shop around the world are also now benefiting from the Roller Hoop as well. If you do happen to have a low 7 foot door at your home garage, there are several ways you can deal with this issue. Mike the guy in Calif. when it was time to bring his car (67 fastback Mustang) home after some display activity at Pomona and the Long Beach swapmeets. his door was 7' so we just rolled his snap-on tool box out put some blankets and blocks of wood on top of it then raised the frt Hoop up a few inches using the jack arm set the body shell on the blocks so the Hoop was off the floor a few inches, we then unbolted the front Hoop rolled the car in past the doorway bolted the hoop back in place installed the rolling casters, rolled the car in and repeated with the rear Hoop, within ten minuted we were in the garage where we could work on the body shell in comfort. A simple solution to what looked to be a major ordeal. Ok next is the same situation but say you want to roll the body shell outside in the drive way from time to time and work on it there in the fresh air, fairly simple deal. Cut a section of 11 gauge 1.5'' steel tube (same as the Hoops) to fit under the the Hoops at the top about 12 " long cut the ends so that it fits the contour of the inside the Hoops and gives you a flat spot on top of the Hoop. V groove the edges and weld in place. Then take a saws all or cut off wheel and carefully cut the top of the Hoop off this will give you just a small flat spot on top to clear your garage door, of course you'll want to weld on some bumpstops on to prevent rolling onto the flat spots, but you'll still have enough rotation from side to side to do all your restoration work. The last Idea is not recommended, use the saws all and redesign your header above the door to have a nice round arch, so I won't even mention that one! I just rolled a 70 Torino out side of my shop and back in under my 8 foot door the stance with the legs on it is 7' 9" hope these ideas help the low door senaireo
  8. I have a nicely restored 53 F-600 that needs a ride from my shop (right on I-80 exit 399) in Lincoln, Nebraska going to Ashville N.C. some time mid August would be good willing to pay reasonable price let me know if you can help Doug Auto Kraft body & paint inc. 402 474 2344
  9. BB is one of my all time favorite artist fantastic performer! never got to meet him but seen him in concert 1988, 4th row center @ Red Rocks in Denver, with Stevie Ray Vaughn WOW I was hooked on both of them! So sad when Stevie was gone, got to see BB 3 more times in Nebraska concerts, to even come to Lincoln, Neb. was a tribute to his character many artist would say no. to Neb. His music performance & band members where awesome I crank the radio when ever I hear him and tell the younger kids what a thrill they missed!
  10. heavens no! it is as simple as measuring from side to side TO GET IT CENTERED, and as far as height goes appx 33 inches from floor to top of rocker panel, appx 36 inches for convertible, or as some shorter guys have done mount it down lower then add ballast on the top between the two tabs on the Hoops. Pretty basic simple stuff, plus we have a 36 pg. hand book and a DVD that explains and shows all that you need to know. If you can cut, weld, drill, nut & bolt your qualified! and you'll have a blast spinning it around & around while cleaning your car up, doing repairs or just showing off to your friends & neighbors. One of my first customers in California Mike A, had all these guys with fancy sports cars zipping by his house all the time, never even slow down to check out his SCCA race car, he has a basic three car garage with some nice cabinets & tools and a project car or two, so he's out there all the time working evenings. We set up his 67 Mustang fastback up in a Roller Hoop it sets in one stall on the end but visible from the street. Mike said it was funny the first couple weeks those couple guys would zip past his house, then he heard the brakes come on and then they would back up and look in his garage? fascinated or confused I guess? seeing a classic car suspended upside down in a Hoop thing! Not a typical sight in a suburbia garage! After driving by real slow and looking for a week or so they got so curious they ended up stopping to see what it was all about! So that is just another benefit of the Roller Hoop it make new friends for you!
  11. To answer your question, with the Roller Hoop rotisserie you can leave the front rear bumper on if you wish, matter of fact say you have a real nice done car but the bottom side is dirty/ surface rusty and you wish it was nice & clean, painted and showy? Well your going to spend a life time under the car trying to clean sand, wire brush etc. and it will be a miserable job and your efforts wont go very far! Well consider you can easily pull a drive line out of a typical car in a 1/2 a day, remove wheels tires, brake drums, and then mount your same car up in a Roller Hoop rotisserie, there are plenty of places to mount to under the car or even to the wheel studs anything that is a good attaching point, run a couple supports out to the sides, and for the upper Hoops you can then just run two crossover supports to tie the Hoops together on the top. This way you could leave all your glass trim interior, hood, deck lid, doors etc. on the car! while setting on the Roller base units with brakes, you can then turn it sideways and have great access to all the bottom side to do your clean up work! You can do like what we do all the time and simply roll up on a trailer and go visit your local media blaster guy and have him media blast the bottom side clean and you'll be having a ball cleaning up prepping and painting up the bottom side of your classic and making it so pretty. So yes you can leave the bumpers on, basically just need to remove the heavy items liquid, and loose items, seats, belts because there is always loose change that will come out! So you even make a few bucks lol ! Here are a few pics of a 73 Vette we did while still heaving the rear frt suspension in it just for example.
  12. A few years ago I had the opportunity to restore a Nash Metro, only trick was it had to be done in 31 days! unheard of in the restoration world! Well it happened like this. A well know car guy Speedy Bill Smith owner of the worlds oldest & largest shop shop here in Lincoln, Nebraska wanted to buy this cute little die-cast taxi cab a 60ish Nash metro for his wife Joyce's Birthday, well the little car was not available at that time it had just been press released in a magazine. So being good friends with Speedy and having done many body & paint projects for him over the years, he called and said "hay Pal I have a little project for you", I need to find and built a Taxi cab for Joyce and I need it done in time for her birthday, that also happen to be the opening day for Americruise 07 here in Lincoln, Neb. I said "sure no problem" So a little Metro was found in Iowa and the story goes like this. Get the car to the shop, day one tear it down remove drive line, cut open rust areas chip out loads of bondo, remove interior, trim, mldg, gauges, glass etc. By day four the car is mounted up in the Roller Hoop rotisserie and sent out to get media blasted to remove all rust and do cleanup on the bottom side, rear end is cleaned up as well. During this time the eng & trans is sent back over to Speedway Motors museum staff for a nice clean up and repaint. After media blasting the body we got to work fixing repairing previous repairs and rebuilding crossmembers and many other rusted areas, reworked the body, prepped and primed all in short order, at the time the only workers I had were myself, my wife, father-in-law and a part time school kid we all worked hard and countless hours were spend getting it done. It was a very busy time, we didn't need to do perfect show car quality work, just nice museum quality, Speedy sent over a few of his techs to help getting eng back in and install a new wiring harness and get it up and running, every body had a great time on this project. Opening day of Americruise 07 and Joyce's Birthday, I pulled the cute little Taxi up to the front doors of the Museum Of American Speed to a very happy Bill & Joyce Smith and many on lookers! it was a fun, fast project that had many happy times and a lot of smiles, and many more every time people see it now on display in one of the Worlds best Automotive Museums here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Just thought some of you might enjoy this fun little restoration story. Doug Kielian Auto Kraft Body & paint inc. Lincoln, Nebraska
  13. I still have a few parts left over from a 68 Wildcat parts car, frt grills, tailights, inner fender shields & misc. plus I just found another complete 2dr fastback that is in rough condition that I'll be pulling some parts off of and it has a tilt steering column in it yet call me for more info if your interested doug 402 474 2344 or email me at info@autokraftnebraska.com
  14. Neat project martin I dig Old mercury's just finished a 61 Comet 4 dr for a little old music teacher! fun project even though it cost me 20k of my own time but it was the right thing to do! might see it here http://www.hubgarage.com/mygarage/vehicles/93599
  15. Here is my tamale Wagon I pulled out of a Colorado Salvage yard, The "Denver Tamale Company" plan to restore it someday and sell Tamales
  16. Yeh the Idea has been around since the Automobile it's self we found all kinds of crazy concepts through our Patenting process, but nothing that was ever actually proved to work consistently or produced. We now have three to four in operation at our shop at any given time and close to 80 units now in four countries! It has been a slow advancement but the idea is catching on, to be-able to rotate the body shell of a classic car with such ease, safety, reliability and not creating undo stress to the shell, since it is mounted inboard in the suspension area rather than on the ends where many body's suffer from rust issues. You have four brakes you can operate individually when working on the body a simple press of the foot brake and your locked in place to perform metal work or clean up, simply toe kick the brake off and your rolling again that simple! I needed a system that was more effective and space saving and easier to operate and work with then my end mount units, the Roller Hoop far outseeded my expectations I was only looking for a better way to get my restoration work done and help my media blaster guy out, since he had issues with the standard end mount systems, he loves this Roller Hoop concept for he can simply roll the body shell in his blasting zone to get to all the bottom side with ease, and can get it done in half the time as with my other system. There is so much more to benefit from by using a Roller Hoop be sure to visit our web site Roller Hoop - Auto Rotisserie and contact us if you have any questions. Here are just a few random pictures I also train young guys here at my shop and the Roller Hoop makes restoration work FUN and Exciting for them! Doug
  17. Here is a 4 door that we restored a few years back great car and being a 4 door post it looks better to me than a 2 door and probably now more rare! I train young hoodlums at my shop to do these cars and they learn right quick it takes commitment, desire and determination to pull it off! Just remember when things get tough and your frustrated, there are a few others pulling an all nighter as well, so keep at it and you'll enjoy the rewards!
  18. here is one of my couches, and many more yet to build !
  19. I'll be there Friday part of Saterday and then on Sunday I'm 2 hours south in Lincoln, Neb. A classic car restoration shop there are a few parts cars I'm after, and I'll have my video camera rolling and will have some footage available. Also I have truck & trailer and my cousin has a salvage yard about 40 minutes from Pierce, so if some one was really in need of help to buy load haul and stash away for up to 6 months or so arrangements can be made with us. Auto Kraft body & paint Inc. in Lincoln, Neb. we are also the shop that developed the Roller Hoop rotisserie which we hope to have on hand somewhere close by for viewing. Anyone interested in help buying transporting and storing a car can contact us. I'll be willing to help how how ever I can to save these classic from going to the crusher like they did in Maxwell Nebraska in July of 2011, 300 and some old cars got crushed then they auctioned off 276 of the ones they thought would bring bigger $ I was only there to watch and promote the Roller Hoop a little, but after hearing the auctioneer say put a C on it four times in the first five cars I couldn't take it anymore! So I through My hand up and bought a 1960 Rambler Wagon tinted glass and a good title! I didn't need anymore projects I have dozens & dozens already, so one more won't hurt right? Well I saved 13 cars and trucks that day! Google "Maxwell, Nebraska auction" to see the story. So this time I'm going to duck tape may hands to my side and my mouth shut, and tape my camera to my head! I'll have my wife bid on the one that we need. But seriously if your from afar and need some assistance, between my cousin and I we can help. My cousin Tony has a small yet very old time salvage yard near Columbus, Neb. that is well known by a few old car guys and we keep it that way so this message is for those who are serious about needing a buddy out this way they can count on. I'll miss Saturday afternoon due to the Memorial service for Joyce Smith of Speedway Motors, Speedy Bill's wife and partner of 61 years. I'm not sure the length of time to get them out of there location, but will have people there and as I said we do have some space in a small private yard near Columbus. I don't hang out much on these sites so if you have interest in needing assistance from us call 402 474 2344 we can't assist everybody but just maybe two or three. here are a few pictures for the Maxwell Auction i couldn't take the 60 Pioneer so we de-trimed and cut the dash out of it and the rear clip to make into a classic couch! the cars that are stacked were just a few of the ones to get crushed the Impalas and the pont.tin woody were hard to see get hammered but I couldn't save them all. It's all a lot of work but great stories later down the road! Doug
  20. here is one of the young guys I'm training at my shop the bottom of this 54 Chevy will get a work over and made to look new in short order, plus this Roller Hoop makes restoration work FUN!
  21. I'm a bit late on this post but feel it's a good time to chime in on the rotisserie topic, I have two words here "ROLLER HOOP" this is my new concept in body shell rotation, being a professional body restoration shop I have always been looking for a better way to rotate a body shell for rust repairs clean up and such. Having used a few of the typical end mount units and even making my own they all did the job, But i needed better performance, I wanted less stress, I wanted less space being used, I wanted safer operation, I wanted more efficiency, I wanted easier mobility and trailer loading ability! Yes i wanted it all, So I spent about a year designing my new system the ROLLER HOOP. it took care of all my desires I was looking for now I have three of them in my shop going at most times. Now the only problem I have with it is I'm so busy manufacturing and shipping them out I'm still far behind on my restoration work! I should have just keep this exciting new concept exclusive to my shop, but I like to see others benefiting as well so we now have near 80 some units around the world. so be sure to check out our website to get more info and see pictures. I hope this helps open up your options. Doug Kielian Auto Kraft body & paint Lincoln, Neb. Roller Hoop - Auto Rotisserie
  22. I saved a 68 Wildcat 2 dr fastback from the crusher just couldn't stand to see the beautiful roof & glass get scraped , so it came home with me I have now processed it and saved the roof section doors and glass for a future project, now I need to sell the complete frame with all suspension still on it or will separate, also a decent frt bumper headlamp grill bezels rocker mlds, little end pieces, hood corners, inner fenders, and other misc parts let me know if you need anything, I'll try to help!
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