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  1. I'm having trouble getting my valves to quiet down even after adjusting to .002 clearance. Oil flow seems good. I had the head redone with new guides, valves but not the springs as they appeared to be good and I suspect were tested for proper tension. The work was done by Napa. I told them I wanted the guides replaced with hardened guides so I could use regular non leaded gas. I looked at the box the "new" guides came in and they say G-384 and looks like NOS. My question is---- did they replace them with what I wanted or just replaced them with stock guides and that would explain the noisy dri
  2. Tks for the help. I did clean it up best I could and reinstalled per instructions without spring. Won't know if it worked until I fire it up this spring.
  3. My torque ball seal is leaking so..... took it apart and the newer style neoprene seal was broken. I have a kit from earlier and it has the cork style. Everything looks good. The instructions state that after installing the seal place the beveled spring into outer retainer. There was no spring in the ball and I don't see one in the breakdown (although vague) and don't see one in any parts book. What gives? Is the spring left out when using the neoprene style or are these instructions generic for other models. Also is the cork seal a good fix or should I purchase the other type? Note: the newer
  4. I will check that out. They are not going on a show stopper so the little change won't show much. Tks
  5. I know a lot of you have an idea about whiskers but for those who don't they are the 3 small chrome trim pieces on the fender under the headlights of the 36 Buicks. I have all the whiskers but have not yet found the correct clips to install them with. Any ideas or proven method of installing them? I would be totally distraught if they fell off. They are very hard to find. Tks
  6. essox


    Does anybody know a company that sells motor shims that are already cut out? I tried to order some from the regulars ( Bob's. Katner, etc. ) but found none. Need them for the crank and rods on a Buick straight 8 233 motor 1936. I did find the sheets from various companies but not the individual shims in various sizes. Tks
  7. Thats the one. Tks for the pictures. My rod is bent so I feel it is the right one. I do have the pad under the cover. I just painted the air cleaner. Hopefully the paint wont come off when dipping. Tks again for yours and others feedback on this. Check out the car on utube posted as Steveo's 1936 Buick. Taken in north Wisconsin in the fall.
  8. I am trying to keep my car all original and the thought of it being the wrong air filter is distressing. Maybe not the right one to start with. Anyway, the mesh is under a 3 prong top, that after taking off the cap and soft filter, is not removable to take the mesh out. I will try to post a picture of it if possible but I'm a little incompetent on the computer. What you say?
  9. The air cleaner on this car is the east coast type. It is about 7" tall and 7 1/2" in diameter. I'm not sure if it is the oil bath type. It does have the copper mesh in it and does not come apart other than the top cap and round flat filter under the cap. Somewhere in this forum they said it was an oil bath style and put oil in it through the copper mesh. If thats so, how much oil do I put in? There is no mark on the outside. If over filled it might get sucked into the motor. Anybody? Tks
  10. Hopefully I won't have the same problem. I am starting in about 2 weeks and will post the progress as there doesn't seem to be a lot of advice on the project. Tks
  11. Should have left it alone when she smoked after warm start up. Once I started with the valves I realized that I was opening up the proverbial can of worms and alas I was right. But winter is just around the corner and I have a heated garage soooo.....away we go! Tks for the info. Anybody else who would like to post please be my guest. Now preparing for the Jefferson car show.
  12. After much consideration I have decided to pull the motor out of my Buick this winter. I have the original manual and the Motors manual but neither give a step by step procedure for it. Does anybody out there have or know where I can get the instructions for this job? I see when installing it back in that there are numerous shims and such that need to be installed and aligned. Instructions for this are in the manual but I would like to have the whole procedure outlined for me. Any help would be appreciated. Tks
  13. Very good. Please leave a way to contact you and we can make the deal. You can also call me at 715-686-7352. You can check out my 36 special at utube. Type in steveo's 1936 buick. Hopefully its still there. Hope to hear from you soon. Tks essox
  14. Thanks to the quick responses. Dave's number always comes in handy, I'll try him but........ Mr. Gtroselle. I followed your project from just about the beginning and found it entertaining. Tks. I am interested in the lock, not so much the cover, and the trim rings. One is alittle rusty like the ones I have but one is ok. Let me know what you want and we can go from there.Tks Essox
  15. I'm looking for a glove box lock or some kind of replacement that would work for my special. Also some headlight trim rings or at least a part number for them. Any help would be appreciated. Tks
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