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  1. It will be slower and less fun to drive!
  2. I have an 89, 8v 3 speed automatic, odometer broken at 67,000 or so. Runs great, needs work, my wife says she will sell it for not less than $3000. We have some good photos that we could email you. Thanks, Nomad
  3. What car ?looks like a seat. Your photos did not come through.
  4. Sweetness , sounds like it will rattle the screws lose, in your tc! Rock on! Nomad
  5. You can fine tune the sound by using the gains on amps. Once you have it adjusted you shouldn't have to mess with them again.
  6. Jay,Have you started yet? I See we're only 90 mins apart .I did this professionally for years and I would like to help you free of charge.
  7. Run at least 12 gage power line from battery to amp. Fused at the battery and at amp. Access through fire wall above drivers left foot and through rubber grommet ,by carefully poking hole next to wiring harness with a test light or with an icepick.NEVER try to power, high power systems by tapping into any stock wires!
  8. Boot area make great box ,stock cover Will go back on over 6 in. Bass spks. With no add box.
  9. Some down, read carefully, convertes will add distortion! Go back and read this over I think you have misunderstood .
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