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  1. I apologize, the car must have a six-cylinder engine because that's all they made, as far as I can tell. I am selling this car for my neighbors and they gave me the wrong information. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  2. The car is a 1929 Franklin 13a model 137, 7 passenger limousine. The Franklin is an air cooled engine; a straight 8. Our research indicated that there are 6 in existence; ours, one in northern CA, 2 in New York, one in a museum in Denmark and one in a museum in New Zealand. We have all the newsletters and magazines published by the H.H. Franklin Club going back 25+ years or so that have plans and contacts in them. We have extra parts, lots of duplicates, blocks, 2 sets of different types of wheel rims. We have almost all the parts. There is one part of the linkage that is missing, but blue prints can be ordered for it from the club archives and it can be machined. The engine was running fine when we bought it, but has not been started in years.
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