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  1. I apologize, the car must have a six-cylinder engine because that's all they made, as far as I can tell. I am selling this car for my neighbors and they gave me the wrong information. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  2. The car is a 1929 Franklin 13a model 137, 7 passenger limousine. The Franklin is an air cooled engine; a straight 8. Our research indicated that there are 6 in existence; ours, one in northern CA, 2 in New York, one in a museum in Denmark and one in a museum in New Zealand. We have all the newsletters and magazines published by the H.H. Franklin Club going back 25+ years or so that have plans and contacts in them. We have extra parts, lots of duplicates, blocks, 2 sets of different types of wheel rims. We have almost all the parts. There is one part of the linkage that is missin
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