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  1. Thanks - all good advice. I tested out my Cteck trickle charger on my backup Optima battery just to eliminate it from the equation and it was working to spec. So I am investing in a battery load tester to make sure all the cells are OK on the lead acid battery. And I will drop the acid level down to just above the plates. Bill
  2. Thanks Paul, I did notice very very small bubbles on the top edge of the plates last time I checked a week after I disconnected the charger. And thought is was strange that there was activity going on with nothing connected? I have not added any electrolyte to the battery since purchasing it. Ninety nine percent of the time it sits idle on the bench on maintenance charge. I did lend it out to a guy for his concours day. So that he had every detail original on the car. I'll ask him if he topped the battery up? Thanks good pick-up Bill
  3. Thanks When I purchased my 38 Buick the battery box and associated parts where badly corroded from the original battery. So have always been on guard with leaking batteries. I use my Optima most of the time but like to keep everything as original as possible. Thanks again - great advise. Bill
  4. There is no guide/level indicator in the cell itself to follow when topping up etc..
  5. Hi, Thanks for your quick response. I have load tested which is good and checked the voltage at 6.4 volts the SG is 1300 in each cell so the only conclusion is the supplier overfilled the cells as there is just under an inch of electrolyte covering each cell. Can anybody advise to what a good level should be? Thanks for the advise much appreciated. Bill
  6. Hello, I am having issues with a 6 Volt Deka batteries and have been in contact with the supplier of the battery and the supplier of the charger. I Would appreciate any advise on what is causing the venting of the battery? The battery has been sitting idle and maintained by a 6V Ctek charger. I have had the charger disconnected for over a month but this venting is still occurring? If anybody can shed some light on this issue it would be much appreciated. Regards. Bill
  7. Thanks for the responses. Can you advise me of the Logo Lights website as I am having trouble locating it. Thanks Bill
  8. Hi, I have just finished reading an article in the Antique Automobile Club of America forum regarding Wireless turn signals - a post about Wireless Turn Signals was submitted by Shoe1932, March 31, 2013 in Buick - Pre War. I have a 1938 Buick without signals and would be interested in a set for my car. I will be traveling in the US in the next two weeks. Can anybody advise me as to wether or not I can find such a device - and if it still exists - and if they know of who may have made one, cost and details? Much appreciated. Regards, Bill
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