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  1. Hey bill i HAVE BEEN GONE FOR A WHILE IM BACK NOW. I did find some ground wire loose it was black where does that go to the starter
  2. Hey Bill i did turn on the ac and it does not turn the fan on. I pulled off the fan and ran it off my battery and it works ok. yesterday i put everything back together i ran it and the fan never went on and the temperture went almost to the top very hot. im guessing im going to have to trace the wiring and maybe i can find it,
  3. Thank you Bill for helping me with this, i am going to check the things you said, without you i would not be doing anything to check this
  4. Thank you sir for your feedback and I have done most of those things you said. for some reason the fan wont come on at all.Do you know how i can check the fan it just has the one connection on it.
  5. i took my fan out to get to the radiator, just unplugged the wiring undid the screws ontop and lifted the fan module out. fixed radiator and put everything back together and now the fan will not come on at all. is there a way to chech the fan why its not coming on. it is a 91 chrysler tc 3.0 6 cilinder
  6. I have water leaking from the front of my engine. Above the oil filter and starter, could the block be cracked is that possible im not sure. The water is not coming from above or running from anywhere else, coming from above the oil filter. Im not sure if possible.
  7. The light that sits on the back trunk. how do I get into it to change the bulb
  8. i just replaced the starter and now the car wont start from the ignition but when i take a screwdriver and touch the connections on the starter the car starts. is that my ignition switch is bad.
  9. I replaced both front axels on my tc and im having problems with the car not running right, it just winds out after i go 5mph. I never had the drivers side axel to compare because it got shattered when it broke, but when i compared the passenger side the axel that Oreills was going to give to me was to big, so we matched it up with one that was the same size. Hemi-dude replied and said I might have the wrong axels. How would I be able to check if I have the rite axels. Is there a way to measure them or is there anyway to gey the measurements of the axels that need to be in the car. or do i have a major problem on my hands. how do i get the rite axels in my car
  10. I had the front axel on the drivers side break so I replaced both front axels finally got the rite ones. but now when i try to drive the car it runs in reverse ok but when i try to put it in drive i can only drive up to 10 mph and then it just winds out and will not drive. I put transmission oil in it but it still wont drive normal. when i changed the axels did i need to do something special to the car.