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  1. Has anyone used Zymol Red or Rouge as they call it? It's very expensive but the few reviews I have found are all fantastic. They claim it as "paint restoration". They say it fills those fine micro scratches and swirl marks. To be used only on single stage paint and surface must be free of any other wax products so you have to use their HD Cleaner too. The best price I have found is on Ebay. $89.00 for the wax, cleaner and a couple of towels. Here is a link so you can see what I am talking about. Zymol Rouge Repair Wax 8oz HD Cleanse 8 5oz Microfiber Towel Pre Wax App New | eBay So if anybody
  2. A word about gas caps. Vented or unvented. Most parts books list a vented gas cap for my 63 Cat. However my manual calls for an unvented. Reason being, although my car doesn't have air it is air preped. So it has the vapor return line from the fuel filter back to the tank. I have the same gas odor. I thought I cured it after a carb rebuild and replacing all the rubber fuel lines. Seem to still have the odor just not as bad. Or maybe I am just trying to hard to smell it now.
  3. I just used standard stranded automotive wire and ran it inside 1/4" black plastic wire loom to hide it. No problems at all.
  4. I just installed a oem vacuume trunk release on my 63 Cat. It went much smoother than I thought. I bought the complete setup on Ebay a while back. It works great. Running the tube was much easier than I thought too. Went from glove box, down behind kick panel, through a channel under the door sill, under the rear arm rest and into the trunk. One word of advice when buying an oem release. The stick or rod that goes from the lock to the release is different for the vaccuume release. It is shorter. So try and get the proper rod if you can. Otherwise you can grind your old one down. I was lucky en
  5. Thank you, My first car was a 64 Wildcat. It was the same color as the 63 I now have. Not too many people are familiar with the Wildcats. I guess they never really caught on like the Rivs.
  6. I was just about to buy one of these myself and thought I would price having one made of the Wildcat (like my avatar) then I kinda dropped the ball. But now talking about it has sprung my interest again. Anyway, I found my notes. I did call the guy. He must have been busy and wasn't sure of the size details. But from what I did get is there are two sizes. The small one is about 13" for $70.00 and the larger one is about 15" for $100.00. Don't quote me on these sizes or price cause I'm not sure. They are made of acrylic. The website is Guitar Art, Custom Made Signs, and More The guys name is J
  7. Casino Cream would fit right in for me here in Reno. But at upwards of 65k I would have to be able to live in it too.lol
  8. This is actually a sign that a guy had made for his garage. Posted thread over at V8 Buick. I called the maker because I was thinking about getting one too. I think it was under $100, if anyone is interested I will get you more info.
  9. OOHHHH Baby, Thats what I like. Seems like I saw this on the web somewhere more recently. Maybe ebay. Does anyone know if thats a stock color combination or custom? I would guess custom.
  10. $27,500 Is a steal if it looks that good in person. You really can't see much at all in pictures. I wish I had an extra $27,500 laying around. This is one of my all time favs.
  11. Did anyone ever notice that this shield is bass-ackwards. It's the same at CarsInc where the emblem is for sale. I assume this pic came from there. I wonder if it's just the back side?
  12. MrEarl, piece of cake. Go to "settings". Then "edit signature". In the signature box you will see "SIGPIC/SIGPIC" or something to that effect. That is your picture. BTW I love yours. Place your curser next to it and add a couple of spaces and type what ever you want. Use the tool bar above and select fonts colors and size. Hit the save button and your done. P.S. I too was surprised to hear that the red, white and blue shield represented Lesabre, Invicta and Electra. Also I have added a few pics to the gallery. You can check them out if your interested. Thanks...63-Cat's Images - AACA Photo Ga
  13. I just called SMS. They have the original material described as brown tweed with foam back. Yep, that's it. $79.00 per yard. Holy cow! Pete mentioned buying four yards. That's almost $400.00 with shipping. Am I just a cheap-skate or is that too much? I asked if they had a similar replica material and was told that all trunk linings are $79 per yard.
  14. 1965rivgs, Thanks for that info. I was able to track down a phone number for Jenkins from an old AACA thread. 336-667-4282, North Carolina. I called them and talked to some good-ol-boy. He wasn't sure if he had any and someone will get back to me. He said what he had was an exact replica and even correctly described it to me. So, I will wait and try to get a sample.
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