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  1. I'm about 40 minutes from Hershey. Unfortunately, I can only get there Saturday.
  2. i have a couple of nice ones, can you send a pic, not sure of application, know that it is late 30's MOPAR. email is Glad to see it get a good home. Charlie
  3. I have about 100 copies of cars and parts from the 70's free to a good home. just hate to toss them
  4. I have a 1938 Imperial Business Coupe in 2(?) condition up for sale. I am looking for34,000. Runs flawlessly, OD, straight 8, at most 788 of these imperial business coupes were made. New chrome, rubber, glass and paint. Brake system, ignition, fuel tank, carburetor, lines and pump replaced or rebuilt. All gauges work, has heater and original radio, they have yet to be restored. I have owned the car for 19 years.
  5. It's been a while, but I believe I removed the window glass. If I remember correctly I had to remove the front track, which is the stop for the vent window. I can look in the next day or two at the car and that should jar my memory. I did not have a rivet to fit the hinge so I substituted a very tiny flat headed stainless steel stud and nut. Charlie
  6. The trunk may be the same, but I'm pretty sure the front fenders of the imperial were larger.
  7. Traveler, Thanks for pics, exactly what I needed. I will call and see if you have any parts I need. Thanks, Charlile
  8. Rusty, I know a gentlemen near Pittsburgh PA that has a 38 chrysler c19 transmission for sale. I believe that would bolt up to a c23 straight eight.
  9. I am trying to assemble hood on 38 chrysler. Does anyone have one they could send me a picture of? I need a pic of how the center hood section is attached to cowl and moulding that goes down center of hood. Basket case car missing some hood hardware, I made up front section but could use help on cowl end. Many thanks, Charlie