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  1. The luggage trunk is still available, if anyone is interested. Due to shipping costs, I have dropped my asking price for this trunk (please see the description in my original post). I am now asking $350, plus all shipping costs. I still check this forum, however I can be quickly reached at va_longeye1948@hotmail.com. Thank you
  2. Just letting you know I sent you an email with the number, wanted to make sure you received it. Thanks again
  3. Hi folks, I am revising my post after having seen another thread on this forum with concerns of scammers. I totally agree with the issues that were brought up and have decided to post an asking price for the "removable luggage trunk". I am going to start with $500.00 or best reasonable offer for the trunk, since I have still been unable to find out much more information about the specifics, like the actual manufacturer. I was told by a local classic car restoration company, that it could possibly be a Potter mfg. trunk, but he had never seen one that specifically looked like this one. He did t
  4. Thanks Dean, I checked out that post and your work on the Hup, incredible man, absolutely incredible! I wish I had just a small bit of your talent, unfortunately I am totally lacking in that department, right now I am only a "car dreamer". Maybe one day....... The trunk was a true "barn find", the guy I got it from thought it was his grandfather's toolbox! My wife and I are owners in a small antique shop, we've been digging around for stuff for years or so and I sometimes find these interesting things in our travels. I am also a Land Surveyor and own a really small surveying company, you would
  5. Thanks for the info, you are probably correct, evidently Potter was a maker of a lot of these, in different styles. I have run across that before on antique furniture, where the hardware is marked by manufacturer and with no markings on the furniture. I didn't see any trace of a sticker, but it appears to have all original paint. I was curious though that there are no handles, doesn't look like it ever had any mounted. Reading some other posts, they mention mounting holes on the bottom or back, but I'm not seeing those either. The interior retains what looks to be its original lining, made of
  6. Hi folks, Thaks to a lot of help I think I have finally got those photos up on this forum. Please see my original post.
  7. Sorry folks, still having trouble with the photos, I can send them by email if you're interested. I did want to thank everyone from this forum that have contacted me and have attempted to help me, I guess I just don't get it yet. Ron
  8. Hi folks, I'm new to this forum and as you can see from the title I have for sale, an original metal & wood luggage trunk, marked, "Steelwood", Watts-Moorehouse, Jackson, Mich. on the chrome latches. This is a recent barn find I picked up locally here in Virginia and appears to be in great original condition. It looks to have the original black paint, it has a straight back & front with a slanted lid and the nominal dimensions are 40" long x 13" wide x 19-1/2" tall. The chrome latches are original and contains the only markings on the trunk, however I do not have the locking key, they
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