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  1. Nice car Steelco, looks great... I have several months before I paint this car so I'm gonna take my time and look around. Rob J, I do not care for the factory red either and after your post I started looking at them more, with even less interest in that particular color. I really like these cars in black, it is my personal favorite. I just really do not want to spend the hours I would to get it "black straight" and I don't want another black car. John, I agree the Diplomat blue is nice... I have a 64 in the driveway that is D blue. Not sure what I'm doing w/ that car yet. I just can't part it out. Bernie I don't blame you at all, that is a great color.... As it stands now, at the top of my list is Marlin blue. I should have been more specific with my question, I really just wanted to know if I was making a big mistake changing the original color at all, not necessarily red, or blue or any other specific color. Because I've sold every car I've ever bought, I just want to be mindful of retaining it's value if and when I do sell. Thanks again for all the helpful replies, Jeff
  2. Yes it is, I've seen the car you linked to several times(online), I just never put the two together. The 13" wheels and lower rear than front stance threw me. I personally like the larger wheesl and Vogue Tyres. Thanks! Jeff
  3. If you haven't found one yet I think I have one. I will have to go out and look at the extra hood. I know it does not have the center medallion.
  4. Thanks for all the responses guys, I am going w/the the Riviera red. I like the white leather and will probably keep that. Petelempert, I completely agree, I've have been refinishing/restoring cars all my life to one degree or another, mostly 55-7 Thunderbirds. The Tbird customers almost always wanted Torch Red. The few G.M. cars I've been involved with had owners that insisted on original colors no matter how ugly, hence the reason for the question. I do intend to sell this car eventually, it's what I do. I do however intend to build the 64 I have the way I want it(05 corvette blue w/#748 interior, lowered on Roadster wire wheels w/2.5" ww tires) and keep it. Thanks again for all the helpful advice.
  5. I am considering changing the color when I repaint my 63 from white to red. What is the general consensus on how this will affect the cars value? It's an early car w/ #748 trim code.
  6. Just submitted the application to ROA... looking for the Buick factory manuals this evening. Thanks guys, I am really looking forward to this one.
  7. Thanks for the information Ed, unfortunately both of those options are not possible. The older gentlemen is unwilling to let most people even look at any of the cars on the property now. I've know him for a very long time, he is getting confused now and many people have stolen things from him, fueling his propensity to keep people out. It took me well over a year to get him to sell these two cars to me and he told me when I left "after you get one on the road, you can come back if you need another part". He has always been good to me, and I will respect his wishes. I will just continue with my plan to restore the 63. The 64, I can't seem to turn loose, maybe a mild custom job w/ a 65 front clip. Thanks again.
  8. After a couple of days of cleaning out the mice infestation, both of these cars seem pretty solid. Some rust around the rear window surrounds, not too bad. The 64 has the standard upholstery in black, no tilt, and no motor or transmission. I will probably use the grille assembly, bumper and lower valance on the 63. I was wondering if there is a way to tell what engine was originally in this car. The guy I bought these cars from has a Thunderbird w/ a 425 dual quad engine in it. It is possible that the car I'm considering parting out was the donor. He couldn't remember.... Vin# 7k1-131383 Can anyone help me discover this cars engine details?
  9. I recently purchased two Rivieras, one 63 and one 64. I had originally planned to build them both having a pair of these beautiful cars. After getting them home and taking a closer look in weather that would allow a more detailed examination, they are both in much poorer condition than I expected. Each car has strengths where the other has weaknesses, meaning the two combined will supply a very good beginning to build one. This I do not like. I would prefer to keep every one of these cars from the parts pile... c'est la vie. Having said all that, I will most likely build the 63, parting with the 64....And yet no further than a wanton's bird... Rest in peace...
  10. Just bought 2 I found that had been sitting out by a river since the mid 70's, missing lots of pieces and well worn....
  11. Hey guys, I am new to the forum(and Rivieras in general), I see this is an old thread so I hope I'm posting in the correct place. My 63 seems to be an early production car, smooth dash, 11c(?), the #748 interior A pillars appear to be painted silver and the remote mirror is set back so you have to look through the window(not the vent). I can't see the trunk floor yet because the mice have made quite a home in there... upper shelf is smooth so I don't see how a spare could mount there. All of the glass appears tinted(I6), and it has power windows with manual vents(U7). I hope this info is helpful.