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  1. Steve and Daniel again with a 1937 Horch 853 in Missouri. The way the car is currently wired it is set up for two 6 volt batteries with a negative ground. Does anyone know if this is correct? The reason we bring it up is that the Fuel gauge and clock do not work in the vehicle, so it may be possible that it is not correctly wired which caused too much voltage to go to the gauge and clock. It appears to have all original cables with no splicing or changing done to it. Any information you can provide is as always helpful!! Thank you so much.
  2. Here is our flywheel to a 1917 Paige. As you can tell from the pictures it has severe tooth damage. It does NOT have a ring gear. This is a solid piece. The question is, does anyone know anybody who specializes in tooth repair via welding. The possibility to turn the wheel and have a ring gear placed on it is an option, albeit an expensive one. Please pm me or send a reply on here. Thank you for any help or leads. Daniel and Steve.
  3. Hey everyone, its almost great race time! Anyone participating or planning on going to any of the stops along the Mississippi?? Anyways take care and be safe.
  4. Hello to all! Definetly a newbie here, and to the antique cars in general. Ive always been a muscle car kind of kid, but have recently began working on anything from 1907 and up. Currently I am seeking help and assistance on a 1936 or 37 Horch 853 Cabriolet. Brake issues mainly. Does anyone know of a good wheel cylinder or master cylinder rebuilder for these german beasts? Any help that anyone could provide would be great. The main mechanic and I cant think of anyone off of the top of our heads. PLEASE HELP! Thank you very much, and I am glad to join your forum.
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