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  1. did you sell the pilot ray lights ? Swoff
  2. https://www.inforuptcy.com/filings/m...bonney-company Originally Posted by Cool Hand Lurker Debtor LeBaron Bonney Company 6 Chestnut Street Amesbury, MA 01913 Tax ID / EIN: 23-2973513 represented by Joshua A. Burnett Kitaeff & Associates, P.C. 65A Flagship Drive North Andover, MA 01845 978-687-1818 Fax : 978-258-1967 Email: attorneykitaeff@aol.com The Federal Court filing ID is 19-10586 ...just off the phone with Kitaeff office and BR Chap 7 total liquidation was filed this morning..There is a creditor's list ...I expect that I will get my material, patterns and other things returned by the end of 2020...In the meantime we have lost a venerable institution...the knowledge is irreplaceable and many employees who over the years have become good and close friends...I understand they were caught flatfooted... If you had things there...you will get a notice from the Federal BR Trustee who is Joe Butler another attorney in Amesbury...if you do not hear anything in by early next week...call the attorney's office above and ask Susan if you are on the list. Through a round about way, I understand that the staff were packing things to return to the Owners when Scott Holbrook, the owner of LB came in and told them to stop and go home. My suspicion is that the Holbrook's were in way over their means... Perhaps someone will buy the business in tact? The distribution of materials was one of their main business parts and I don't know who will pick that up.