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  1. Do you know if they are the same as victory 6? If so I have some. Canyou post pictures
  2. Anyone have one of these attaching bolts that hold the roadster top frame to the body? Thanks Tom
  3. Anyone know where I might find one of these? It mounts on the cowl and the hood rod go into it . Thanks Tom
  4. Congratulations on your 90th. Happy Birthday Jack!! Tom Dugger
  5. Any luck with your wheels? I had no idea that if you post in two forums you get separate content. I need some of those victory 6 parts
  6. Do I need to remove the ball gizmo on the bottom of my shifter before I have it plated?? Anyone know how to get the shifter forks / shifter plate apart so I can reassemble to shifter ? Some kind of press? Magic?? Thanks Tom
  7. I notice Myers shows out of stock for this item. They are really your only chance of finding this part . I looked for years for something to substitute on my Victory six, and sorry to say there is no alternative. What I did for years was this: I just used a starter lead directly from the terminal on the starter (under the switch pictured) under my floorboards to a 6 volt universal starter solenoid, right up to the battery with the positive lead . You will have to wire a signal to engage the solenoid like a starter floor button or dash board push button. you need 6 volts on that signal circuit. A little push button under your seat frame would be discreet. There is plenty of room under the floorboards for the solenoid to be mounted. I ran mine this way for years until I finally bought the bullet and spent the $$$ fro the bit . Hope this help get you rolling, Tom
  8. Does anyone have any idea where I might get the parts to hold shut my rumble seat lid? I have nothing, but looks like on the lid I need a HANDLE, LATCHING MECHANISM, and some kind of CATCH mounted to the body. Does any one know if trunk lid equipment would work? What about DA or some Chrysler cross fit? Thanks Tom
  9. I agree with Jack M. It's a poor ground. Can you run an alligator clip directly to the body of the light socket and go to battery ground with the other end? I bet you a will get the result you desire. I've had the same thing happen many times with my trailer lights I e step on the brake and the tail light comes on. The brake light requires more juice to light. hope this helps Tom
  10. My Victory 6 has the round tube type radiator. Can anyone recommend which shop to send it to and what I might expect to pay?
  11. Robert passed away quite a few years ago. He would say from a combination of Canadian Healthcare and Diabetes. He was a great guy and I sure miss him. I think his son is listed in the back of the DBCN as a reproduction hubcap supplier. Try: Howard Donn 49 Norbett Drive Gormley, ON LOh 1GO 416-661-2268 dbc
  12. i am interested in the distributor. can u contact me phone or email please.' Tom Dugger tdugger@hotmail.com 205-910-0867
  13. The guy that rebuilt my engine glued a modern seal to the timing cover. you have to cut down the "harmonic/main" pulley to fit with a lathe. I think it is directional, in that , as the crank pulley turns the oil is swept back into the engine timing compartment. If you are planning on taking the cover off, it is a devil of a job. You must be careful not to let the generator gear falls out
  14. ahah. so what do you use for a spare.........no flats