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  1. After some time I finally have some photos of the rim and locking parts. I need to correct the info, the tyres are 5.25 - 21 from an 1926 Oldsmobile I believe there is a company in NZ that can help. The Last picture is yours truly sitting on the tray of the car 50 years ago, and yes it will stay a Ute as it was very well done and looks original. Cheers Graeme
  2. Hi Guys Correction........ the car is a June 1926 build car now that may change the answer?
  3. Wow that was quick. I have jus sent an email to see if they can assist. Great stuff thank you Graeme
  4. Wanted 2 off 5.25 - 21 split rims 1928 Oldsmobile
  5. Hi All New Guy on the block My Dad is restoring a 1928 Oldsmobile (one owner) and needs to replace the split rim steel section of the rims, which are 5.25-21's Is there any where on the planet that remakes these parts? Graeme
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