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  1. Are you selling this item? If so, how much are you asking for it?
  2. My Dad moved our family to Oak Park, Illionois when I was 11 years old. Each September, I would ride my bike to Foley Cadillac, which was the former Packard dealership on Madison Avenue in Oak Park, just to look at the new cars in the showroom. If you were lucky to catch the delivery of the new cars it was added pleasure. Years later when I was looking to buy my first Packard, I came across a Packard that had been sold at this Packard dealer in Oak Park, as it had its original data tag on the firewall. Atb that time I researched the dealership at that time through the Oak Park Historical Society and found a few photos of the dealership. All good things do come to and end, unfortunately.
  3. Do you have an extra spare tire bracket and bolt that holds the spare tire in the trunk?
  4. Good morning Joe, sorry I have not been back to read your reply. I will look at the carb number and get back to you with an answer. Thank you.
  5. I placed this same topic on the general Technical Forum, so excuse me if I am over doing it BUT... I rebuilt my Rochester carb 2G last wekend and found that the instructions call for a "Hot Idle Compensator Cover" inside the throat of the carberator. Does anyone know if that part is available for purchase and/or has anyone found where to buy this part. I have had the car for 15+ years and this is the first time I rebuilt the carb and there was no cover when I took the carb apart. Just curious to know if anyone has run into the same part mssing on their carb. Thank you in advance.
  6. I am looking to buy the trim piece for my headlight on my 36 Packard. I am in Naples Florida 34119 for shipping cost if you have one. Thanks in advance, Dean.
  7. I haven't thought of Ebay becasue of the work involved. I'll speak with Gene and see what he thinks. I guess I could field the inquiries for him no different that this website. Thanks for your comment.
  8. I have a freind Gene Cohen who is a member of the Florida Packard Club and lives in Sarasota. Gene is a professional restorer of Packards and has health problems that has prevented him from completing this 1936 Packard Convertible. He needs the money for a necessary surgery and I told him that I would post the information on this website in hopes of finding a buyer. Gene sent me the attached photos. Chassis and drivetrain are completed, body is on the frame with much progress made. Many extra parts included. Asking $25,000 and will advise the new Owner during the restoration. Call Gene Cohen, 941-587-4311 or 941-377-7437. Tell him that Dean from Naples, Florida sent you. Thank you. P.S. All of the photos are right side up on my computer but won't download in the same format on this website? Is there a trick to downloading the photos right side up?
  9. This past weekend I rebuilt my 2 barrel carb for my 69 Olds Cutlass 350. In the process I found that I was missing part #60- "Cover. Hot Idle Compensator". I am wondering if anyone knows if this part is available from any vendor or in the alternative, has anyone come across this type of "cover" that is attached inside the throat of this model carburetor? I have owned this car for 15 years and this is the first time I felt the need to rebuid the carb. I have attached a few photos from te instruction worksheet. THanks in advance.
  10. I had my fuel pump rebuilt and rebuilt the Carter WDO myself. Installed with new lines and fuel filter. Am not getting any fuel in the line to start. Placed some fuel in the carb, got a sputter but still no fuel coming from the fuel pump into the carb. Any suggestions are welcome to get my Packard running again. Thank you.
  11. Good morning DLynskey, This is my first Packard and I have been searching for the right 36 120 to come along. I am glad I was patient in looking. On this car, the color, lines and originality all came together. I have other cars from the 50, 60's but this Coupe is real style in my eye. Thanks for the heads up on the turn signals. I have ordered the lights and after I install I will post some photos(both day and night) Take care and thanks again for the compliment.
  12. Good afternoon Steve, thanks for the advise, I will take a look at the head studs and check. Any idea on what is the correct torque measurement?
  13. Thanks C Carl, I did look at classic accessories online but will give him a call. Here in Florida I don't think hand signals are the best form of communicating with other drivers behind me. I will mention your tag name. Take care.
  14. Thanks bdc, i have been looking at different photos of Packards and where owners are placing the turn signal lights. I saw one video with Dave Charvet ( The you Tube "Packard Guy") and he had them below the rear bumper and I believe they had a disconnect so he could remove for a show. I will ask him to verify that. Thanks.
  15. To both Vintage rodshop and 1935Packard, thanks for the kind words. I had the car on the road yesterday,drove about 50 miles around town. I sure would like to have turn signals on the car. Who sells a turn signal kit that I can install? Also, I still have the original 6 volt system, so need to know if there is anything special on the wiring for the turn signal apparatus. Any help is appreciated.
  16. To Midman and Alsancle, Yes the style of the coupe is very appealing and I am looking forward to enjoying it for many years. Thanks.
  17. I bought the 1936 Packard 120 and it is being delivered today. Engine number matched the title and the car has been inspected. I am very pleased with the mechanics of the car and the body/frame quality. The Seller has provided me with receipts for all of the work completed on the car and I am confident that I will enjoy for many years to come.
  18. Excellent explanation of what I was looking for. Thank you very much. And I will say that all of your responses over the years I have read the Forum are always thorough. Your knowledge us greatly appreciated.
  19. Thanks, the seller told me that was the vehicle Identification and that he wasn't sure if that number matched the engine number. So do I need to have him send me a photo of the firewall number, correct?
  20. I am looking to buy a 1936 Packard Business Coupe 120 and wanted to research any particulars I can find with the vehicle id number X73771. I went to the Packard website and found general information however there was no area to look up the information to decode the VIN number. I would like to verify what the "X" stands for and I assume that the numbers may stand for something other than production number. The Packard website states that 55,136 coupes made that year, so the number 73771 must have another purpose. Any comments are appreciated. Thank you, Dean.
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