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  1. Hello James, I purchased a Pinion Bearing Nut a few years ago for my 1936 Special from The Buick Farm. They may have one for your car. You should make measurements and take descriptive photos of your original, because the first one they sent me was incorrect. After giving them a good description of mine, they sent me the correct one. Good luck. Les
  2. Hello Bill. My name is Les and I'm in the process of restoring my '36 Special Business Coupe (model 46). I found the following information in the "1936 Buick Shop Manual" that may help you determine the exact model number of your car. These are all the 1936 Special (Series 40) cars and all have 118" Wheelbase. Model 41 5-Passenger Four-Door Sedan with Built-in Trunk, License Weight 3360 Model 46 2-Passenger Business Coupe with Deck, License Weight 3150 Model 46S 4-Passenger Sport Coupe with Rumble Seat - Fenderwell only, License Weight 3180 Model 46C 4-Pas
  3. I don't have a picture to show, but I also have had a '36 model 46 for over 50 years. I'm the third owner. the behind the seat area was just open space when I purchased it, with no sign of a shelf of any kind ever installed. Les
  4. The Master Parts Manual indicates a spring used with the Torque Ball Outer Retainer Packing (group 5.560) for some series of 1937 - 1948 Buicks, but not for 1934 - 1936. The part number is 1299002. Les
  5. I should have thought it through more carefully before I spoke. The Frame Number sequence pertains to all models, but the Engine Number sequence pertains to only the Series 40 models. So, one would need to know how many of each model was assembled during each assembly run in order to even come close to predicting the Engine/Frame number pairs. Plus there are probably other facters that affect the sequences. So much for the math! Les
  6. ricokc, The Buick Master Parts List covering 1936 list the first 1936 series 40 Engine Number as 4-2995239 and the first 1936 series 40 Frame Number as 2830899. If we subtract the first engine # from your engine # it indicates your car was number 16342. So, if they combined the frames and engines in the same sequence, then adding 16342 to the first frame # should result in your frame # (2847241). This also assumes that your engine has not been changed. If you know exactly what model number you have (41, 46, 48, etc), which should be stamped on the data plate adjacent to "1936 MOD.", you m
  7. Thanks both for your feedback Pete Phillips and NTX5467. This apparently isn't a wide spread problem. I'll use the envelope idea from now on. Les BCA #45935
  8. I had a problem mailing the BCA Board of Directors ballot this year that I haven't previously had. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I filled out the ballot, put a stamp and my return address label on the front (the side with the large bold BCA address) and took it directly to the post office. A few days later I received the ballot in my home mail box. Took it back to the post office where the postal worker scratched out the barcode above my mailing address used for delivering the Bugle to me, thinking the sorting machine was reading it for delivering the ballot. A f
  9. There are a lot of things to consider. The differential carriers may be different and the third member housings may also be different. Example: I was going to put some new '36 Special gears into a '37 Special carrier and housing (the carriers are the same part #), but the third member housing was not compatible. The housing is deeper because the '37 pinion is larger than that of the '36. Also, if you use the complete '37 Century drive train, be aware that the torque tube length, axles and transmission spline may be different than the Special. That would require some modifications. Les
  10. GeraldT, I may be too late with this info, but there are some copies of Buick parts manuals available for reasonable prices: Master Parts List of Chassis Parts for Buick 1928 to 1941 (January 1, 1941). This will tell you what other Buick years and models use the same part as yours. Buick Interchangeable Parts List (May 1, 1950). This shows interchangeability with other GM cars of sufficiently requested parts. Does not list accessories and standard parts. Master Parts Book of Chassis Parts for Buick Models 1928 to 1951 (January 1, 1952). Also has indicators of interchangeability with other
  11. I'm curious about what list your engine number is inconsistent with. Just be sure that the number on your block matches the engine number on your registration. Les
  12. You have the wrong area code. I have recently contacted him at (763) 427-3460. Les
  13. UPDATE: I contacted Dave Tachney, who referred me to French Lake Auto Parts (also in MN). French Lake indicated that they had a complete 1936-40 rear end, but could not find the casting number to confirm that it was what I specified. Trying to think of another way to confirm the correct part, I remembered That I had a set of differential bearing caps with casting numbers that I had saved from the original rear end. French Lake was able to confirm that there's had the same number, so I took a chance and ordered the complete rear axle setup. I received it yesterday (5/22/14) and after scrapi
  14. Randy, Were there more parts ruined than the ring & pinion gears? Are you looking for the complete rear axle assembly, or just the gears? I've been going through the same hassel you are for my 1936 ser 40 Business Coupe (purchased what was supposed to be for my car but turned out to be a modified 1937 setup). I also contacted Dave Tachney, who is a very nice guy and easy to talk to. He referred me to French Lake Auto wrecking, also in MN, who indicated that they have the complete rear end for my car. But, being once bitten, I asked them to verify the casting number of the third member
  15. Tad, The Buick Master Parts List 1928 to 1941 shows part numbers for 1933 Buicks steering gear parts in the 2614xx and 2615xx range. So, Maybe someone with a 1933 Buick can take a look at the casting numbers they have. Hope this isn't too late to help. Good luck. Les
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