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  1. Like he said, check for power on wire A and E with key on, this will resolve questions of trans being powered up. Other terminals are momentarily grounded to click solenoids. The white wire, terminal B shows to be a PWM circuit, be careful not to ground it more than momentarily, it will smoke. You could check the circuits resistance first before you try to power check any solenoids. The pwm solenoid will show shorted with a reading of less than 1 ohm, there may be specs in your book for checked solenoids.
  2. Like he said, check for power on wire A and E with key on, this will resolve questions of trans being powered up. Other terminals are momentarily grounded to click solenoids.
  3. Brett, if you have low gear, my question is probably irrelevant. Be advised that your trans will default to "limp mode" if you blow the fuse or lose power to the transmission. Limp mode will be evident by the trans only having 2nd and 3rd gear, no low gear or drive, but will start off in 2nd and will shift to 3rd but will not shift hi gear. The most noticeable symptom will be that it is sluggish taking off from standstill because it is 2nd gear and will give the impression that it is slipping until you get rolling good. It would have same symptom whether in Drive/OD on take off. If you have a wiring schematic, it will show the wiring designation of each wire at the trans connector. Using that, you may be able to momentarily power each solenoid and listen for the click. Your first post requested info on testing solenoids and no one has addressed that yet. I have not personally done that so I waited for some one more knowleadgeable to step in. John To test trans solenoids, you would need an identical connector from salvage yard car that you could plug into your trans and have access to power each circuit as desired. I don't know for sure if '91 used 12v dc for powering solenoids or whether it may be using PWM drivers. Be advised that if they are PULSE WIDTH MODULATED solenoids, continous 12v direct current will smoke the solenoid in seconds! IT WILL ACT LIKE A DIRECT SHORT!
  4. Does your A/C compressor engage when turned on? I know it is an odd question, just answer it.
  5. Richard, I had the same problem on a '88 Olds 98, well almost same. My daughter got pulled over twice for left brake light not working sometimes. He gave a warning both times. Every time I looked at it, it was working on both bulbs and signal worked. I puzzled over it a while and finally checked the turn signal switch. After using left signal and letting it return to neutral position, the left brake light would not come on. When I lifted the stalk and let it go, it remained in neutral position and brake light worked. Barely pull down toward left signal position and release, brake lights did not work. So, my problem is in column or bad switch. Sure was a puzzler.
  6. Link doesn't work for me, it says "Gaah! Page not found"
  7. Brian, you didn't say what temp thermostat you installed and under what conditions you see 160 vs what conditions you see 200. Generally 200 is fine and heat soak will cause temp to spike on shutdown because circulation and cooling stop. Hard to speculate beyond that without more specifics.
  8. I am not saying that you have to stand on the brake, just that when revved in Park, the car will rock forward. Hard on parking pawl? Mine is more of a temporary surge and then subsides, don't think it will pull the car. I don't understand about the rear pump causing power transmission.
  9. Willis, I challenge you to put your foot in front of my front tire and let me "goose it" in Park. You might be surprised to learn that all your fine 'splainin' doesn't mean much. TJ55 ( There is fluid friction between the clutches and steels that does induce some "neutral creep" especially when throttled up quickly even when the clutch is completely released)
  10. Don't try to break the welded nut loose, pry or wedge under the head of the bolt while loosening it. Loosening the bolt while prying out on it will make the threads bite into the nut so it will finish screwing out. This might require 3 hands. After the bolt is out, run a tap thru the nut and install a new bolt with maybe another nut on top of the old one as a lock nut.
  11. Did the spring come from the lower radiator hose?
  12. Has anyone with widely ranging cooling temps replaced the radiator to restore cooling capabilities?
  13. I always enjoyed your wit, humor and upbeat attidtude. I shall miss your posting, check in once in a while so we won't be wondering how you are. John
  14. The rubber sleeve and brass ring are an interferance fit and should be difficult to relocate while in the column. If I recall correctly, the brass sleeve should not be able to slide down the rubber sleeve to expose the rubber, I think the brass sleeve is slightly crimped on the upper end, it also has the notch stamped in it for the wire to be soldered to. Your alternative might be to loosen the column and slide it downward to better align, not positive about that because the 56 design has rag-joint and the 55 shaft is captured in the steering box. At any rate, if you could re-position the brass sleeve that easily without damage it is obviously not tight enough. These observations are based on my experience with the '55, I have not had a '56 apart. I am assuming your contact is patterning above the sleeve, if below the brass then column would need to be pulled upward to align.
  15. The front pump MUST prime and PUMP the fluid into the converter. If it has run dry for 35 minutes without priming, it may never prime and may have already damaged the front pump. I suppose you could drop the pan and remove the pickup to check any sealing issues. Personally, I would contact rebuilder and see if he wants it back. He should have packed the pumps with petroleum jelly when he assembled it to ensure it would prime itself. If the pump ran without prime (dry) for that long, it is probably already galled up and failed. Just my opinion.
  16. I think you will find a reducer fitting under the rubber insulating sleeve.
  17. Yes it will seperate. Do a test for yourself. Pour some gasoline into a clear jug then pour in a little antifreeze and see for yourself. Your problem will be getting it out of the tank because it is settled on the bottom.
  18. Looks like you are chasing rabbits. Disconnect pos battery cable from the junction block on the fender and recheck.
  19. Might have stuck and bent when the piston came back up and knocked it back to seat. Hard to tell from that angle but the pushtube may be badly bent also.
  20. Is that the wheel Lamar had off when he was helping you get it running the first time? HeHe!
  21. Wondering if it was possible to hook up the filter backward, ( inlet and outlet reversed )?
  22. Why change it? If it was dry enough to squeal it was not leaking. Still a rope seal isn't it?