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  1. MrEarl, the trans coded 'T' does have a cast iron housing, doesn't it? Just curious and I know you already know, but it is so I will also know. Did you follow that? Thank you, TexasJohn55
  2. 55 Special: short dynaflow, Code stamped on reaction flange is O (letter) 171, casting # on flange is 1166129 2, date code 4-55. Cast iron bell hsg 1163913-3. add this one to your database research. The assembly pn is 1166140 which uses a bushing in the reaction shaft, this pn is unique to the 55 but the casting # may or may not be. (I had previously incorrectly posted that the casting # was 1166140) TexasJohn55
  3. Yeah, and I have 2 55's and neither one has a speck of paint on them, but who knows what is original after 50+ years? TexasJohn55
  4. Shon, There are no "absolutes" on 60 year old cars. Don't take any information for granted as correct unless you find it confirmed somewhere. Some assumptions to veracity may lead you down the wrong path. Old saying about "assume" is true, it is actually three words that will make an "ass" out of "u" and "me". John
  5. Hello Shon, I have a 55 Special, trans failed, installed one from my parts car (55 Century), was 1 inch longer but I modified rear mounting by slotting some holes, moved the differential back 1 inch and bolted all down. Worked fine. Later after doing alot of research, I found out that it must have been a 56 trans because it has an aluminum bell housing which is also 1 inch deeper to front of trans. Someone may have swapped over the high accumulator in put it in the Century. Soooo... it probably will work but is not correct and tires will be a little out of center in rear wheel wells. Do a search in the forums and you may find several threads that will help. Does the 56 trans you found have the same hi accumulator on the drivers side with a linkage arm toward the frame? Did you measure the total length on both? Mine may be a hybrid that was modified to work in the Century, but it does have aluminum bell housing. Interested to hear what you find out. Good luck, TexasJohn55 PS I don't know any history on either of my cars. Apr 13, A NOTE FOR CLARIFICATION: THE HIGH ACCUMULATOR FOR THE 55 AND 56 SHOW TO BE THE SAME PN IN MY GM DYNAFLOW PARTS BOOK, High accumulator PN 1391940 and is unique to the 55 and 56 trans. 57 used a different number. TexasJohn55
  6. Roger that! I will when I pull my spare back out, but I still need the converter depth spec to check my original when (and if) I get it built and ready. Thanks TexasJohn55
  7. Hello members, There is alot of good info in this thread! Allow me to add to the confusion on trans codes stamped on the reaction flange. I own a 55 Special sedan, code on it is O 171, it was failed when I bought the car. The converter was driven into the front oil pump, failed pump and cover plate. I have not determined why and don't know any history on car. I have a parts car, 55 Century 4 dr HT which I removed the transmission from, checked converter depth to bell hsg face and installed in Special. It is 1 inch longer and I modified rear mounting and moved differential back to accomodate. It works fine except is weak holding in drive clutch until it warms up good. That Century had been sitting in a field for many years, trans may have been original, I was surprised it worked at all because I did nothing to it. The code on it is "T". It has an aluminum bell housing which is 1 inch deeper than my special which is cast iron. My original out of the Special also damaged the end of the reaction shaft and damage the bushing from contamination. Quite a mystery not knowing any history! By the way, there is a spec on the distance from the bell housing face to the converter when installed on the trans but I cannot find that info to save my ---! If someone knows that or could measure a '55, I would greatly appreciate it because I am going to rebuild my original and put it back in. Thanks, I really enjoy the forum and all the great information. TexasJohn55 ************CORRECTION! AFTER READING ALL THE DYNAFLOW POSTS, I DOUBTED MY OWN! I RECHECKED MY 55 DONOR TRANSMISSION WITH THE ALUMINUM BELL HOUSING AND IT IS INDEED A 56 WITH CODE ON REACTION FLANGE OF P225, NOT A "T" AS STATED ABOVE. IT WAS NOT A HYBRID, SOMEONE PUT IT IN THE DONOR 55 CENTURY AND UNDOUBTEDLY RAN IT FOR YEARS.******TexasJohn55
  8. TexasJohn55