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  1. I like how people say original when the interior is plastic leather, not the original engine, doors do not natch the color of the rest of the car, so a repaint. I guess the missing headliner is original! He does not state price because it is probably to high!
  2. I like the factory front seat! is the last picture before it was in a barn for 50 years? TO be honest if you wanted a packard of this yearI would go for a better series Packard, not the poverty model.
  3. I saw a restored one go for 60,000 at Barrett Jackson. You would spend more than this car is worth to restore it. I agree with condolences. Plus is a good body to cut up for a Phaeton.
  4. Personally, I think prices are still due for a correction. Not many collectors under 30 who really want these old cars. They do not do highway speeds. Just like most young people do not collect or want a big house. give the market 5 years. These prices will be considered very high. Fiesta ware can not be given away.
  5. Today's Low Price is Tomorrow's High price. What Percentage of people under 30 are CCCA? Some will retort give them time but I was into old cars at 11. Same holds true for the Masons, so car prices will probably drop more in the next few years.
  6. For a little more I would hold out for a stock one.
  7. Pre or post covid? Prices are dropping.. Ya, selling 1 million buying a fraction. If you can wait just 10 years the price will be much less. Car museums are closing due to lack of attendance and collections are selling all the time. If you ask a baby boomerang 1 million and a nobelium the a fraction. It is worth what someone is willing to pay. I saw a RM auction ca sell 8 years ago for 450 and recently for 300. Some will say the price still went up.
  8. The Huppmobile is a much nicer car. I like the style better. It will make a great car to restore stock. The low racked look is great as it is. How much were you looking to get out of the Cadillac? It is to bad your grandfather never got to the car.
  9. I am looking for the body crown roof molding for a 1938 Cadillac series 75 with a padded roof. The one with the gutter and the onr without. The stuff that Bob's Automobileia sell is too small. Does anyone know who makes this? Mine is bent up from a previous owner replacing the top and it is bent very badly. I will never be able to straiten it out again. Thanks, Robert
  10. If they ever do this again I have a 1918 Model my grandfather bought new.
  11. It is not the same car. People car say whatever they want. I have a 1938 Cadillac Town Car and it was sold new in Hartford, Conn. so a friend tells people it was owned by Betty Dais father. These cars are dropping in Value right now also. I am 50 and saw the hayday of the car clubs. There are few people my age buying Classic cars and 2 new members does not make a movement. A lot of there clubs are on life support now. I belong to one club with 200 members and maybe 5 people are into prewar cars.
  12. robcars


    31 Franklin: What weight is recommended in the rear-end,transmission, steering gear and shocks? I drained the transmission and wound up removing the pan, there was a thick oil like a thin gear oil, I assume it has not been changed in 85 years. I know some old-fords took a higher weight.
  13. What is the email address or contact for the Franklin club for parts? I have sent several emails to hhfranklinparts@aol.com and never received any replies? In regards to a muffler and other items. Thanks, Robert
  14. robcars

    Bill Williams

    Data Plates This Number is disconnected, anyone know why? or other source? This is from the Franklin website. Bill Williams makes data plates and has made some for Franklin. I've only purchased the new crankhole covers from him (which double as V/12 valve cover medallions). Also has Delco starter & generator tags. Bill Williams 603-525-3532
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