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  1. Hey I have a tc but I found this one was very clean thought I put on here. http://dixonautosales.com/our-inventory/ hope this link works may not have done it right lol. len j
  2. The pictures I tried to upload here are not showing up wish they would have only four did. Trying to figure out where I do want to sell the car at right now going up to meet with my business partner see what he thinks and go from there there is a auction in boone county maybe take a drive up there on friday have to see how things go. I have two brand new top pull down motors and assmebles and rims no way I can move it all again did that 7 years ago now getting ready to move again. Finally got sol all the mustang parts and buick parts i had left. My yellow tc was sold last year it now enjoys we
  3. So gas tanks dont go bad hmmm really funny how that works guess no one sells 1 gas tank ever right? I guess gas does not have water, I guess it dont have things added to it i guess raw metal never ever rusts? you are wrong every web site that sells parts sells gas tanks. My car does not have rust And I am sure you have never seen my car.You made this a personal attack you are very rude and disrespectfull.
  4. I am not attacking anyone I am not saying saying bad things about anyones car. Yet look what has been said about my car it's rust bucket? really? hemi dude why would you say something like that? There is no rust on my car fuel will over time eat away metal they will over time leak. Brakes have moving parts they wear down dont work like they should so why not replace and make the brakes new again. Listen all I am trying to do is raise the value on all our cars not just mine. The book values and made by cales of cars the higher the numbers the better. I dont have a ego and i sure dont have a rus
  5. You just dont quit and your hurting me and yourself stop allready why do it?
  6. This is just crazzy what you are saying that red tc for sale that doesnt even have working brakes why the heck would I compare mine to a unfixed car? like saying i should have my price of my car based on a car that dont run. By you guys saying this stuff your bringing all tc values down all this is serchable on the net why would you hurt your self. If my car sells at a higher price all tc cars will go up in value car guides are based on sales and I did list two for you guys one sold at 12500 and the other at 9900. Why would I sell below? dont make any sence to balk talk my car at all when I a
  7. Hello I did post more photos but they didnt show up. I been working on cars for over 30 years so my background is cars not just this one but almost every make out there. If Our TC sell for more money whats the problem with that? Seams a bad idea to work this hard down talking someones car so why do it? My car has had tons of work done to it to make it like a new car again and the parts I am including some I cant find at all anymore. A car here in il just sold for 12500 without parts and just like mine so why would I not want to be at thee same price point? There is also anotheer car at volo au
  8. Ya I could lower my price but why? Did your car come problem free how's your breaks? Rebuilt air system? Come with extra parts?
  9. No but car has new brakes new electrical new fuel etc with 76000 miles
  10. Red 1989Chrysler TC By Maserati Price $10,200.00 What arare convertible this red TC is ready to go for a drive to you local car showor a drive anywhere for that matter. Very rare car only 7300 ever built. Withthis sale I am including a bunch of parts you cant find that are brand new andhard to find parts.<o:p></o> ReplacedItems <o:p></o> Enginehad a fresh tune up 2014<o:p></o> Tires are1 years old like new. <o:p></o> Brand newbreaks in the front and in the back including new rotors, lines, calipers andpads. <o:p></o>
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