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  1. Thanks for the response. Is this a guess, or are you pretty certain? Auburn 1932-33.
  2. Thanks for all the responses! I have several books for Delco distributors that are used for setting the advance curves, it is listed but no information is given for application. So it appears to be a good number. In response to the question on the points, if I remember correctly there are 12 lobes on the cam, and only one coil wire in the cap. I will have to look again to confirm. So if it is indeed for a boat, what 12 cylinder motors did they use? Were they converted auto eengines? My main objective is to try and get this piece into the hands of someone that can use it, I'm sure someone would
  3. I have been trying to ID this distributor, so far no luck. Number on tag is 1111551 dated 8G15. With the 7 digit # my guess would be 1948 date code. Unit appears to be N.O.S. cam lobes show no wear and the points are script Delco parts. Any guesses would be helpful. Thanks!
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