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  1. Hey guys. New to this forum. Thought I'd stop in and share as well as ask a few questions. I reciently aquired a 1964 Mercury Parklane "Breezeway" 25th anniversary. It's in pretty good overall shape. cosmetically I'd say its a strong 7 out of 10 if not an 8. 99% complete, only missing the hood orniment and rear fender "parklane" emblems. interior is super clean exept for some tearing in the front appolstry but everything else is mint. Original dash and all gauges working properly (except for the anolog clock and i dont think many of those even worked back in the 60's haha). Car even came with the original black and yellow California plates, lighter plugin service light from ford in the original dealer packaging from 1964 and owners manual with a ledger of all schedualed maintanence dating 1964-1967 (nice piece of the cars history that I'm happy to have). The rear windshield still motors up and down perfectly and silently ( I love that!) On to the mechanical side of things. The 390 thats in it is in good shape as well as the automatic trans. I checked all fluids and they look good. Issues I'm having and keep in mind that this is a very new vehicle to me (less then 24 hrs), are a carb issue, brakes and power steering. the power steering is simple enough the pump is going out and ill do a quick swap out on that. the brake issue is that when you press on the brake its super hard to a point of about half way in, then it "gives" loosening up. at that point the brake finally catches. Previous owner said that the booster and master cylinder were replaced 2 years ago and the brakes were bled, but who knows if any of this was done properly. upon poking around under the hood I discovered that the vacume hose going into the booster is mising the threaded adapter that creates a proper seal for the booster to do its job. Anybody with brake experiance out there that can confirm this theory? Anyway the brakes need to be completely gone over before I feel safe having my wife and daughter in the car at the moment. Next is what i hope is another quick fix. She fires up fine, a little slow this morning when it was cold but nothing bad. I havent had her die while in idle either. But when you accelerate if you gas it too fast she wants to stall, so I have to back off and give it a little mini pump of the gas then its fine. its every time you go to accelerate from a stand still. I'm sure it needs a good cleaning if not a complete rebuild of the carb. some more info, Its originally a 4 barrel carb but the previous owner installed a kit reducing it to 2 for better milage. would this have any factor in it? maybe not enough air flow? any suggestions on what to look into first? Well sorry for my long winded rant, can you tell I'm excited about my new project? I'll upload some photos soon so I can let you check her out. Thanks in advance for any help or insite.
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