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  1. found some more numbers: S-12143 - M (??)
  2. thank you very much - tomorrow I will try to find this number - has nothing to do with the next one ?
  3. not very familiar with this forum so please forgive if I don't put things in the right place ! please find a picture of the plate - the first digit is really not visible - tomorrow I will try to wetten it with some water to see if any contrast can be found :
  4. denulle


    thank you for this information (the car came with a manual of a 1928 BB - that's were the error comes from ! sorry :()
  5. Dear can someone help me to identify this model ? name ? year ?? we just started restoring it - we are in need to find the right spark plugs - can someone help me out please ? any 'good addresses' you can recommend ? (manual ? spare parts ? etc..) please find a link to my Dropbox with more pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q6fu62x6qju9y3p/AAD0sIWjPfIL_PT0uEfiMSeTa?dl=0 thank you very much Erik Ulrix (www.garagehotchkiss.com)
  6. denulle


    restoring a Stutz Blackhawk Series BB of 1928 and in need to find new bearings for the clutch - can someone help me out ? please find more pictures thru this link to my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3jqj5ctwbpcnrpk/AAAR2tLlRlLEL6uDFTSCIfwba?dl=0
  7. hi - first time on this Forum about to start 2 restoration projects on a 1938 Packard Super 8 long WB 7 passenger with division window and 320 CI engine + another 1939 Packard Super 8 in a very similar version as quite some original spare parts are missing and in case someone would like to communicate with me on both cars in order to exchange information & eventually supply me spare parts - i would be glad to send more pictures - please contact me at: erik@garagehotchkiss.com and please consult our website: www.garagehotchkiss.com - best regards & sunny greetings from Lisbon - Portuga
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