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  1. If I remember right it was around $65 to ship my boards US Mail. I wrapped them flat side to flat side in taped cardboard. I am in southern Wisconsin.
  2. Ram Reproductions is able to do some boards other than 33-34 MoPar. Available boards are listed on their website.
  3. I just had the running boards for my 1934 Plymouth re-covered by Ram Reproductions in Cana VA. He was willing to re-vulcanize my original boards. The boards must be clean and straight. (checked with a straight edge). As they explained to me the board must be straight to properly fit in the mold. 33-34 MOPAR RESTORATION SERVICE - RAM REPRODUCTIONS - ANTIQUE CAR AND TRUCK RESTORATION AND PARTS - Ram Reproductions Antique Auto Restoration
  4. Have you tried Restoration Specialties and Supply in Windber PA? Over the years I have purchased may items from them to put my cars back together again. Most recently some hard to find trim clips for my 40 Plymouth. Nice people too. Very knowledgeable.
  5. I was born in 1959. Grew up in the 70's. These pictures bring back a lot of memories. It was a great time to be a kid.
  6. He built the car in the living room. It wouldn't fit through the door. 🤔
  7. Hi, I am hoping to find a nice pair of rear fenders for my 1937 Desoto. 1937/1938 Chrysler product cars are the same. Dodge, Plymouth Chrysler Desoto. Thank you
  8. They are certainly nice looking fenders. Where are you located?
  9. Simple....The car needed some body work. He was a carpenter, not a body man.
  10. I know the plaid seat cover material you are talking about. I do not know of a source of covers that are pre-made for your P2. Maybe you could purchase an nos cover that would fit any car then use the material to sew up or modify the covers to fit your P2. The old plaid covers look cool and look period correct on many cars.
  11. Still have it. I have a person that is interested. We have not closed a deal. Thank you for your interest.
  12. I always recommend to start with the easy things first. Maybe you have done these things already? Suggest to remove the light to access the switch and fixture. Using a test light or voltmeter see if you have 6 volts at the wire connection at the light. If you have 6 volts leading to your light your wire is ok. The problem could be the bulb, the switch, the socket or the grounded side of the circuit. To test your grounding you can run a temporary grounded jumper wire from a known ground source and connect it to the switched side of the socket. If the light the light comes you will have to resolve the grounding problem. If you do not have 6v to the light, look under the dash near the right or left side cowl pillar for the wire that leads to the domelight. This wire must be connected to a power source. Most likely the light switch in the dash. My experience has been connection problems/grounding problems. Not so much the wire itself. Best of luck. Hopefully you can find the problem without pulling a new wire.
  13. Neat film. Fun to watch. Thank you for posting.
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