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  1. I need a complete open chain drive rear axel differential gear. Would buy a complete rear end. Ed Larson Milan, Kansas 620-845-0880
  2. I would be interested in purchasing the car had it belonged to "President Douglas MacArthur"
  3. Mine isn't an explorer but it is a very nice truck. I would consider selling it. It is automatic with an overdrive behind the transmission. Will cruise with the modern traffic with no problem.
  4. Billety: I have a AC Maxwell that is a solid original barn find that I would consider selling as I don't think I'll ever get to restoring it. I'll get some pictures and get them emailed to you later next week.
  5. I have an nice pair of these if someone needs them I would sell or trade them.
  6. I am needing the seat frames and springs for the seat bottoms for a 1912 Messenger. Does anyone have a spare set or do you know of anyone who could make them? Thanks, Ed
  7. I have an AC Messenger that is a project. All the brass was robbed from this car. I am needing the engine oil tank and check valve and the drip regulators that fit on the dash. Also need a complete set of Maxwell lights.
  8. I am needing some engine parts for my AB Maxwell. I need one connecting rod and piston. Exhaust manifolds and Maxwell headlights.
  9. I would like to buy a 1933 or 1934 Ford Pickup that is a nice original or older restoration that would make a good daily driver. No chopped up or hopped up stuff with bondo. Good solid Ford iron.
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