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  1. Hey Bud, Thank you for all of your referrals. I will check them all out first thing Monday. I am new to the forums and I am still not sure how to navigate around in here. I hope this response gets to you in the right place. Jim ***************
  2. Thank you very much for your reply. I will make the call Monday.
  3. Thank you Fred for the referral. I will call Olson's first thing Monday. Jim .
  4. Hello to all, I am Jim Dent in Richmond, Kentucky 40475. I go by seagraves26. I am a brand new AACA Forum member. I just acquired two 87 years old fire rigs. One is a little Suburbanite 500 gpm pumper and the other is it's larger brother a Metropolitan 750 gpm. They are coming from Oregon and Oklahoma, respectively. I started out on this crazy ride back in the mid 60's when I bought my first fire rig, an identical Suburbanite. The smaller rig is not a basket case but it's not far removed from being one. The larger rig is in pretty darned good condition. These will be my last serious auto
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