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  1. Thanks, that's the first area I will go over and if that doesn't work, I'll take the battery out of my truck that is only a few months old and see if it doesn't make a differnce. I just wonder why it only happens only after the car had been running for a while ?
  2. Since I have all this brain trust here at this site for me to ask questions, I have another issue that I need to deal with. I haven't looked into it yet to see what the problem is but here is the rub I'm having with the roadster. The starter turns over nicely when the car is cold. When the engine is warmed up and I turn the car off and then go to start the car again while the engine is warm/hot, the starter hardly wants to turn over. Any trouble shooting ideas on this ? Thanks, fezziwig
  3. I won't argue with you.
  4. Eventually I noticed the carb was leaking even when it was running. The more I messed with things I realized the 2 & 3 plugs were fouling too but, compared to the 1 & 4 plugs they just didn't look as bad. I don't know why the 1 & 4 plugs got so carboned up. I did change over to the Champion plugs from the original ones that I have been running in my A's since I owned them and to me, the car seems to run better.
  5. Just for the information or what I had learned, I'll tell you what the fix was or the problem was. The first thing I did when the car gave me trouble was, I cleaned the plug, got some gas additive to help clean things up. It didn't help and the plugs got dirty again. I then had taken off the Zenith carb, cleaned it up inside and out with the compressor air and nothing seemed dirty. New sparkplugs, condenser, points, rotor, distributor cap and even a new battery terminal cable. Nothing improved. I drove to Snyders Antique Autos Saturday for the new coil and I spoke to Don Snyder III. After telling Don all that I had done and that I want a coil he told me the ball valve in my carb is probably bad. I told him it looks good, free spinning. He said there is a smaller inner ball that is difficult to see and that the new gas we now get, tarnishes or does something to this valve. I bought the valve, carb kit and coil. As it turns out, Don was right and I'm upset at myself I wasted my time Micky Mousing around with points, plugs etc. Oh well, glad it's fixed. I live in Pennsylvania and about 40 minutes from Snyders in Ohio and it's nice having them so near to me. I'm 51 years old and I've been going to Snyders since 1972 with my father when he started buying and working on the A's. Again, it's nice to have a Model A place practically in your back yard.
  6. Thanks, I'll try it out.
  7. My A engine has the number one and number four plug fouling. The engine was rebuilt years ago, only has 9000 miles on it and when I put it away last year, it ran fine. No power and the plugs foul in about a miles distance. Here are the things I've tried with little to no improvement: New Plugs New Cap Reset Points High Octane Gas Gas treatment for cleaning lifters, etc. Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Thanks 1939wastheyear....... I'll email you now. Not sure what the problem is but, your email address is not receiveing my email to you.
  9. Thanks Dave. It's just my guess with the trucks having the steel/painted cowl bands, headlights, shells, over the years people must have taken the opportunity to spruce things up with stainless steel. I know I would have back in the day. I have seen trucks at shows with stainless steel finishes, paint finishes andstainless steel that was painted and peeling off. Yes, I knew about the AA shroud being thicker and it is straight across the front instead of the tear drop center. You would think that the people that make the cowl bands, shells, headlights would stamp some ones out for the trucks. If you can press stainless out I would think regular steel wouldn't be any different or anmore difficult. I wish they made cow bands for my 29 Murray, I need one.
  10. There will always be things a person kicks themself over in life. I know exactly what you mean because I've done a couple of stupid things too in my life with selling something, losing something and it truly makes me sad and haunts me. I'm especially speaking about the stuff my parents had given me and that I had let go or lost. You mentioned movies and I think I listed movies in my profile here of what other things I like. I love the old movies and I mean the ones they actually had to act, no special affects and you needed to follow the plot and not everyone had to curse or lose their clothing for it to be interesting. I loaned my buddy a dvd " Where Eagles Dare " with Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton. It is one of my favorite movies and he hated it. He said it was too dull, no action in it and you had to pay too much attention. This coming from an electronic engineer. I apologize with, " sorry bud I didn't have any movies that were computer generated and with everyone getting blown up at the end. "
  11. Beautiful ! That's a nice color for that truck also. Looks pretty clean , you must keep up on it. I'll be 51 years old next week and I always loved the old cars. I remember not being old enough to be in school yet but, I would watch the TV show, " The untouchables " . I would tell my parents, " I'm going to have as many of those kind of old cars as I can when I grow up. " My parents would laugh when I would say that because, I think I would yell it out it every episode.
  12. Thanks jpage. I am a stickler for keeping things as original as possible. As you can see, my Murray sedan has the cream wheels and I know they should have been black but, I thought that looked so much nicer and I can always paint them black or even have a spare set of wheels if I deceided to go trophy hunting at Hershey and what have you. I did have the correct finishes on the rad, cowl lights etc but I changed to stainless steel and chrome over the years. A lot easier to maintain. My Town sedan is probably 97% as close to the Judging standards as can be and it wouldn't take much to make it a 100%. That was my goal as I restored the car. I have a 31 Deuxe roadster I restored and I softened up over the years with follwoing everything to the letter. It will bother me not to have the correct running boards, rad shell and headlights on the pickup truck. As I said, I have an 11 year old and an 8 year old that can'tstay away from my cars. Just this past summer at a show someone placed a scratch on my roadsters rear fender . It must have happened when we walked away to grab a snack. After saying all that about keeping things original, I will paint the truck Model A colors but probably not the green or black. I also think the black shell and headlights look pretty good on the trucks. thanks for hearing me out and you guys getting back to me.
  13. Thank you Dave. I do have the black steel AA shell excellent condition but, I like to keep things as original as possible. If I have to do the stainless steel then, I will because it's not going to any Marc shows. I already know I'll be using the rubber skinned running boards opposed to the steel painted running boards. My one daughter is too young for her not to step on the running boards and to not scratch the paint. If anyone could direct me towards a picture of a frame prior to the truck bed being placed upon it, let me know. I just discovered his site last night and it is nice and I appreciate it so thank you to the sponsers and mods.
  14. I'm restoring a 1930 Model A pickup truck. I see that the shell and headlights were originally black. Did they paint the stainless steel black or were these headlights and shells steel ? In any event, I need radiator shell and headlights. One more question. I know the car bodies sat upon the frame and the back end of the bodies sat upon the frame extensions that also had the back bumpers attach to them. Do the trucks get these same frame rail extensions ? thanks.