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  1. I am tired of fighting with my wife about these cars and they need to go like yesterday. I have many additional parts and have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on all this stuff. I have entertained piecing out already and the prospective buyer needs to understand that the amount I am asking is reflected as a package deal only. Meaning don't come to me with $1000 expecting to take away one item. 89 is a parts car as it is a rust bucket, has very high mileage and hasn't been driven in many years. However, I went through the trouble of rebuilding the engine and transmission i
  2. Some time has passed since I've been here and it unfortunately looks the same as when I first arrived. I mean why can't people leave Ronnie alone? The guy is a pussycat without any intention of making working on this car sound easy. If you are planning to have this done or do it yourself, you should know this isn't like swapping up shocks, this is a hard procedure to undertake even if you're a professional you-tube watcher and you can jack your steering up to no end as soon one bolt comes off. Buying something that we all know does not exist from an eBay seller and then paying someone to try t
  3. Ah yeah... forgot how scary it is when you're riding on something without wheels. Last time I did something like that was on a hopped up jet ski... Fun but not funny.
  4. Want to feel unsafe at any speed? Find a Fiat x19 of the same vintage and take a spin. Makes the Fiero seem like a space capsule.
  5. Probably not as the ones I have seen get beat down by dragging shoes across them. Check to see if there's splits on the underside. I know my doors aren't hanging well either because of wear on the sill plate. So possibly that's a problem too.
  6. Received a seat back last week and it looks great, thank you Jim. Be aware the 16 way seat backs have a completely different structure to both the cover and the foam form. Wish I could use the foam form but the cover itself is mucho appreciated. Very cool and more seemingly comfortable design possibly better leather. Certainly nicer stitching over the originals in my 91.
  7. The serial number on this car is 22 before mine. Same options aside from the body molding and has the same issue with the defroster flap. What are the chances for that?!?!? I had to remove my entire dash to fix this issue. Love my car but beware that this is NOT an easy fix.
  8. Well that seals the deal for me. THANK YOU. I will start a new thread about piston alternatives for the SC rebuild when I can gather those funds to move forward.
  9. Okay 3.8 experts and others who may have run into the same issues, I need advice on a rering job. First off, please don't berate me or think I want to do something half assed. In a perfect world, I'd already have my block down at the machine shop with no worries. I'm trying to rering a single cylinder rather than do a complete rebuild out of sheer necessity. Heres my issue, the 89 FSM calls for compresion and second rings that are 2-5/64 and I think I could have a later model block or perhaps a correct block but a later rebuild since the Pistons I have require the 1.5 top and second rings. A
  10. Last set of raised white letters I had on a car were the G70-15 Uniroyal Tiger Paw's that my dad bought me as a birthday gift for my '73 Monte Carlo. With the deep dish beauty rims and independent center caps, these looked pretty good from what I recall.
  11. I've seen videos of the fwd Toranados and the Eldo Fleetwood's with that 429 cu engine they had smoking the tires all the way down the street. After high school I bought an AMC Eagle that used the same outter half shaft and hub as these. One icy x-mas I drove down from Illinois to Louisiana all the while the front end went clunkty clunk. When I looked, there were no needle bearings left. Couldn't find the parts or they were too expensive at the time. Put it back together and drove it for a year like that before I was able to replace the bad parts. That was some iron. This is why you need two R
  12. I've shopped new seat covers and to have them done like new is really about $2k. Another major money sink is all new rubber which will absolutely lead to other suspension work. Weird stuff as these were "hand crafted". I had a problem with my AC in the 91 where the defroster door had come disconnected from the vacuum actuator. That probably cost someone a new windshield and it came to me in the dead of summer with ice cold AC blowing from the defroster vents only, so it wasn't worth the PO fixing. Took weeks to dismantle the dash and fix that. Actual replacement carpet, like the original, is p
  13. Have to agree with Keith. Some stuff ages well, some stuff does not. The stuff that does not is pretty hard to replicate. New seats especially. New leather is bitchin'. That goes without saying that you can't enjoy anything as found. Value, especially in terms of something you have invested time into, is prone to subjection. I'm pretty OCD about how I want it but in the end, put up with what I think is a great deal of compromise. Personally, I wouldn't want to drop 10k on yet another Reatta unless it was so clean it sqoke. Love my cars and think I will keep them. I tell y'all what's funny; a g
  14. @Bushwack. I already had two project cars I could have turned around when I bought the two Reatta's that have been nothing but project cars since they arrived. When I started lurking on this forum, a comment from Fox W. about the rotisserie resto he had going on his 89, should have given me a clue. He started with something like: "and I don't want to hear about how I could have had a minty fresh Reatta instead". Not a direct quote, but like the more desirable GS & GN cars, the Reatta's saw limited years in production. They made more Grand National's than you'd think If you only tracked pri
  15. Thanks guys. I feel a lot better after your input. The FSM is both clear and vague in section in 6A5E-28. And there's two schools of thought, the DIY or pro machinist will always tell you a definite bottom rebuild is required if a piston needs to come out. That includes a bore and hone and all new bearings as well as a freshly ground crank. Most also insist on new lifters and push rods and I honestly think that may be were these guys lose me. The second school of thought is from the dealer service perspective that says only fix what's broken. Which means leave the heads on, pull the piston fro
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