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  1. Well upon closer examination an actual closer measurement is 2 - 3/16" and the threads are approx 20 per inch.... it would be loose on your car, and to tight to go on a Ford. Humm....I really have got to see if can find that old photo. Seems like my Dad always said it was an odd car name to me as a kid like a Franklin. or ? Thanks everyone, if this was as easy a question to answer as I thought it would be then there'd be a bunch of answers by now. So I must have asked a tough one. I'll keep looking. R I will have to do some checking at a car show sometime.
  2. If the thread size is not unusual, then there must be other cars you know of that have this size thread. Could you or anyone give me an idea what cars this would be... ? I remember seeing a photograph of this when I was a kid on the car this was made for. It seemed as though this car was something Other than a Ford.... This man had a driver and he had what looked like a beaver fur coat and the car had the circular brass horn, that I have also have, the type that you squeeze, mounted on it.
  3. Hey guy's have an odd old custom made radiator cap that says GLOVERSVILLE across the front of it, I remember seeing a photograph, my dad had, of the car it was on from Gloversville NY. I do not remember it being a Model A. Could have been... So far that is the only car I know of that had that size cap. Is there any other car that used that size thread for their caps? It seems to me the car was a very "Teens" looking open touring car with the squeeze rubber horn mounted outside the door and big fancy looking lights on it. To young to have remembered or known much else about old cars back t
  4. Your just trunk crazy Mike.... Too funny, you already own this one, it will be at your place in a few days. Randy
  5. This could be earlier. I know I have seen photo's of the 1915 Cadillac's with these on them, and perhaps even slightly earlier. So my date might be wrong. I see no other identificaton other than the "Made for Cadillac by Gray & Davis" The nickel plated interior is still intact as well as the bulb. I took the bulb out, it still has the filament, and no corrosion inside this is ready to put a lens on, hook up the bulb ot the connector on the back, screw it on the mount and away you go. Paint it to match the car or shine it up and varnish it brass.
  6. Yes, it is a real oddity. One of a Kind. My Father had this for many years, he was the county historian for over 40 years. He had a photograph of the Man who owned it, in his car parked on Main Street in Gloversville. I do not remember his name now nor what the car was, but I do remember him in a fur coat and a driver in the front seat, it was a large open touring car from the late teens/early 20's vintage. I am selling the old greese cap so I took the shot with them both in the photo. The Mascot is all there, has some of the chrome off it now but in fantastic shape no pits or corrosion
  7. I think this is a Marmon Cap.... looks to be the teens, it is sadly not perfect but its all there, 2-3/4" threads. Please let me know if this is something else like a Maxwell or etc. I think $60 is fair for the condition it is in. Someone has one listed on ebay for twice this much in worse shape. The Mascot/Radiator Cap it's resting on, is a one of a kind. It was made for a local Leather Mill owner (obviously from Gloversille NY) about 100 years ago. Somewhere my Dad had photo of this guy in his car with a fur coat and his driver parked on Main street. Wish I could find it as I can't re
  8. Here's a shot, ruller is decieving this is almost exactly 6" in diameter. Does anyone know if I am right about the year and application, it is just a guess.
  9. The Black trunk is sold.... thanks guy's/ R
  10. I will have to go get a photo of it, it does have the CADILLAC stamped or cast into it. I apologize for not doing this first, I am sure you guy's could help identify it correctly also. Either way I want $75 for it and if your curious send an email I'll get a shot to you ASAP. I ship UPS Ground, I try and not make money on that. randydecker(at)roadrunner.com
  11. SOLD to Mike West.... Thanks Mike Will go out UPS on Monday BTW just got home and the check actually was in the mail ,.....!
  12. Letting this go for $140. I ship using UPS ground, Goes by weight and distance from me in Upstate NY 12134. So email and I'll try and figure out a fair price for shipping, Or if you are from my area stop by anytime and pick it up. Thanks randydecker(at)roadrunner.com
  13. This trunk is still available. I want to pay my monthly cable/tele/net bill. it is $143.00 this month. I'll sell this for this amount. Seems like a real fair price for an 80 year old automobile trunk in this condition. I have more photo's of this so you know what your buying. I has a dent on the front bottom, should be an easy fix, paint is fair but should be sanded off and redone. Again easily done... Good thing is the Chrome/hinges/latches are all good enough to leave like they are, and the leather handles are in really good shape. Inside still has the original thin plywood, I see no
  14. Yes Sir, I just found that section, and did so. Thanks guy's. Randy
  15. Hi guy's I have lots of old parts around, brought this out yesterday and before listing it on ebay I thought I'd try some Antique Car Forums first, as I used to be a member of a few myself. I am getting out of the hobby and have a tall locker and some shelves full of old parts etc. 1930 era Chevy Wire Rims, set of 4...$30 each, 31 Olds, power side, axel shaft, still new in the GM Cardboard Tube wrapper.....$125 Tons of NYS PAirs of early Licence Plates...Etc. Here's a Black Potters Manufacturing Company Trunk 32"w 16"d 18"h, it is a 7.5 or 8 out of 10 condidition, I can ship this UPS at w
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