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  1. If you haven't found one yet... search eBay 1947 Oldsmobile or 1947 Buick. Looks like a NOS unit for $40. Not sure which side it is you will probably be able to tell from picture. Good Luck.
  2. Kanter Vintage will sell you one for $199. This Vintage Buick sight rebuilds them for $150. It's Buick but probably identical. http://www.oldbuickparts.com/catalog/pdf/cat360/36007.pdf There is one on eBay for $50. You should grab it! Search "1947 Pontiac shocks"
  3. Well Jim the deal didn't go as I expected. The guy had taken the body and put in on a Dodge Dakota chasis (I know... sorry to ruin your day). And he had already junked the chasis, therefore the shocks. But I did get the engine, trans, drive shaft, pedal linkages, brake drums, etc. All things I need for $250. I've already had the engine fired up on ether on the floor. I'm gonna order a Carter WA-1 kit today. As for the brakes... I ordered kits for the wheel cylinders and master cylinder and I've located shoes via ebay. I may have to try to match up the hardware, not sure about that yet. I have realized that all four drums are the same. Only the fronts have the bearing spindle held in by the wheel studs which, by the way, are different on the front than the rear. The front studs have a slightly longer splined collar which reaches through the spindle to grab and center the front drum on the spindle. Nearly all of my studs broke at dissassembly. Gotta locate them as well. I'll keep my eyes open for your front pass shock. I need to locate a radiator and need to buy a 6v battery. (amongs MANY other things) Bill
  4. Thanks Jim. I didn't have alot of success via that site but looks like I may be coming into a whole extra parts car. Talked to a guy who put a 41 body onto a late model chasis. He's ready to unload the Pontiac stuff so I'm taking a truck this Tuesday to load up. Let me know if you are looking for anything. Bill ps. not sure how to attach pics yet but I took pictures of my brakes before I dissassembled them...
  5. Hey, I'm a new member. I just got a 47 Torpedo. It had one rear and one front brake/wheel LOCKED solid. I got the rear one broken loose (2 hr ordeal) but the front one is totally froze up. I could definitely use some help with suggestions. I sprayed it real good with penetrant and I'm letting it sit. I put heat all over the drum to try to break the bond between shoe and drum. I was ably to free up the 3 o'clock cam adjuster but the big 12 o'clock one is still frozen. Any tricks? The car is all there and really pretty solid but has been sitting outside since about '65... so I'm told. And Jim, where is the PARTS STORE for a 47 Pontiac? Thanks in advance to all!!
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