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  1. Hi all. Hope I'm not breaching forum etiquette by doing this, but I have some items from a '66 Riviera some of you may be interested in. Since no one knows me here I figured it was best to list them on Ebay so there would be protection for anyone who would like to purchase them. The back story: A couple days ago the Riviera came into the salvage yard I frequent and had already been virtually completely stripped on the exterior and interior. Surprisingly, the engine compartment was pretty much untouched. This yard crushes probably 90% of the vehicles that come in so I grabbed what I could. This included the Q-Jet and intake, cast aluminum finned script valve covers, brackets, pulleys, air cleaner, rockers and shafts, and push rods. Sure enough, when I returned today the car was on the top of a soon to be crushed pile. Anyway, I figured I'd list them as auctions with a $.99 cent start bid and no reserve so they would go for whatever folks thought they should. For the record, I have a feedback score over 1000 and a feedback rating of 100% positive. You can see my items here: mchlswtjr | eBay Thank you for accommodating me. Mike.
  2. Thanks to the forum for your hospitality and to those who have made purchases. I've listed a couple dozen more items from the car including the console, wheel opening trim, back up lights, steering wheel, bumper parts, etc. Again, the link to my items: mchlswtjr | eBay
  3. (Peeks head in door) Hi all. Hope I'm not using bad forum etiquette by posting this, but I have several parts from a red and ginger '89 TC listed on Ebay. At this writing there are 35 items: front and rear turn signals, door panels, weatherstripping, soft top and quarter glass, etc. The vehicle came into the yard I frequent a few days ago. They crush probably 90% of the cars right after processing so I thrashed away pulling as many good parts as I could. I think you'll find the prices are reasonable. I am an Ebay "Top Rated Seller Plus" and have a feedback score of 1003 and a feedback rating of 100% positive. I do offer combined shipping, so if you purchase more than one item they'll be packed together and you'll pay the one package rate. The difference will be refunded to your Paypal account. I belong to other automotive forums (I drive and care for a low miles '94 Buick Century wagon), and normally would just offer the items directly without using my Ebay account, but you folks don't know me from Adam and this way you're protected. Here is the link to my items: http://www.ebay.com/sch/mchlswtjr/m.html?item=111010005868&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Thanks, Mike.
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